True hunger or so-called psychological hunger

rogač 2
Do people really need food in all situations and at all times of the day?
True hunger is one that gradually increases and leads us to eat anything. Then we can’t wait for the first bite. At the first sign of satiety, we stop eating. After the orbs we feel good with the increased influx of energy.
Psychological hunger usually occurs suddenly when we eat fatty or sugary foods. There is a feeling that we need to satisfy hunger immediately. After the meal, we feel guilty and feel physically heavier (than we are).
Some studies say we eat about 27 pounds of sugar a year. This harms our health more than other eating habits. Women eat 335 calories a day more than they did decades ago. Most calories come from sugar (found in almost all foods). Consuming sugar daily increases the risk of hypertension, diabetes and chronically increased appetite.
The daily dose of sugar added to foods should be up to 25 grams. On the food and grocery label it says their composition. Corn syrup and so-called “oz” (fructose, glucose sucrose) are sugars. By bringing in more sugar, it enters the bloodstream and is a cause of many problems. Eat sugar with kernels, fresh fruits, proteins or vegetable fibers, which slows digestion and reduces the effect of sugar on the human body.

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