Customize your meal to your liking

Magical home cooking
The meals we prepare in our home always have a special taste and are accompanied by a number of compliments from our guests. People who love to cook gain experience over time and refine their meals. Don’t be too critical of yourself if a dish doesn’t turn out well for you on the first try. The old adage says that the best dishes are prepared by those who cook with love. Your dishes will be above average when you love cooking.
Try to put your favorite foods in the meal, or find an adequate replacement for the same energy value. Do not follow the recipes completely. Sometimes the dishes are tailored to your own taste. Add or throw away certain foods. Experiment with food. You will be surprised which combinations turn out very tasty.
Italian Tomato Salad: A colorful Italian tomato is ideal for salads. You can get five to six salads from one kilogram of tomatoes. It is very decorative. Do not peel the cucumber because the peel contains nutrients. Wash it well. Remove the center of the cucumber. Chop it and mix it with sour cream and some yogurt. Add the mint and basil. It can be a delicious salad dressing.
Halloumi cheese salads (Greek goat cheese of exceptional taste): Short fry it to give it a special aroma and taste. Add arugula and basil and herbs, sesame, pepper, salt and olive oil. Serve celery and fresh red peppers if desired.
Another salad with halloumi cheese salad: basil and arugula base, add raw mushrooms (eaten when not cooked). Bring mozzarella, grated carrots, colorful Italian tomatoes.

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