Women proudly show their body weight in the 21st century

Women proudly show their body wight in the 21st century
In self-belief is the secret of feminine beauty. Beauty cannot be calculated mathematically. It cannot be written in numbers showing the scale, meter or ready-made size. Beautiful women are aware that their beauty is unique. They do not allow anyone to put them in the mold. On the contrary, women take pride in their appearance as presented by nature. This means they enjoy their body whether they buy XS or XXL or plus size clothing. It is possible that the age of long and exhausting methods of weight loss is a thing of the past. Fashion designers have begun to notice women with curves, and some are already hiring fat models for their fashion shows. It seems that even in the fashion world, the formula skinny = pretty no longer applies.
Although many women will claim that feeling thin is good but over a long period of time, thinness becomes harmful. Nowadays, covers of many fashion magazines and editorials are adorned by women of fuller stature (British magazine Love, American magazine Glamour, and others). The readership is thrilled that respected magazines until recently full of tips on slimming into the new age are decorating their covers with punk ladies who typically “belly” their feminine and without hesitation now proudly show the world. Movies nowadays are also made with fat actresses and full-grown ones. They claim that their pounds do not bother them and that they eat whatever they like. The conclusion is that Hollywood has an appetite for broad hips, strong thighs and lush breasts.
It is well known that poor nutrition puts the human body in a “crisis state” over a long period of time. Every calorie is maximized. If you eat chocolate after a diet, it will act as a slice of whipped cream cake on your body. Weight loss is a stress for the human body. Stress further leads to the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which promotes the formation of adipose tissue.
In the 21st century, weight categories have been overcome. Body weight index is a unit of measure that divides people into lean, lean and overweight people. Skinny people have a body weight index below 18.5 while overweight people are those with a weight index over 25. The index does not indicate whether people have fat or leg and arm muscles. So some top athletes would be classified as overweight by the index, which is absurd because their body mass is made up of muscle. The categorization is arbitrary as the limit values ​​in recent years have been falling.
frey naslov
The term “diaita” denoted the science of all life (from nutrition to dreams and sexuality) in ancient times. The ideal weight was considered to be the weight by which one felt comfortable. It was not a figure prescribed by others. In ancient times, every woman was considered beautiful in her own way. It is not voracious to eat a chocolate cake without counting calories. We are talking about good and bad food, organic or contaminated food, healthy or harmful food, and at the very least we enjoy it. Food, as a topic of numerous discussions and discussions, receives pseudo religious characteristics. Thin people are thought to know how to control themselves and are successful while overweight people are perceived as lazy and undisciplined. In recent years, there has been resistance to such a narrow and limited understanding of beauty. Societies are established that, through their work and efforts, fight against discrimination against people by body weight. Their motto is that obesity is a physical condition and not a disease.
Many people condemn anorexia and bulimia, explaining that in developed countries there is a trend of “weight loss” in women and a trend of increased volume in men. Some will say that the obsession with slimming is a woman’s hatred of her own body about the apparent desire to become invisible. So maybe the new XXL trend in women is their desire to finally be noticed. The situation is changing. Pounds are no longer an obstacle to success. Large ready-made numbers and clothing for fuller ladies is now available in boutiques and online. There is a time when with just one click (regardless of body weight) you can buy the clothes you want.

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