20 tips to keep your hair always shiny and healthy

How to find the right strategy for perfect hair care and styling
Here are some tips to help you solve so-called hair problems:
1. If necessary, hair should be washed daily. Use a mild shampoo and apply as little as possible. Dilute hair with water before shampooing. If your hair is dry or damaged, apply shampoo only to the root (not along the entire hairline). Then rinse your hair with lukewarm water.
2. Nutrition does not help hair look healthy and lush. By nourishing we can help the hair have shine and radiance. Legumes, lentils and beef (rich in iron that prevents hair loss) have a positive effect. Nuts, rice, whole grain cereal products (containing copper, zinc, biotin and unsaturated acids) have a similar effect and help the hair.
3. The balm does not glue the hair at least then the hair strand requires special care. The balm recovers the hair and its frayed parts. Makes it easier to shape. The balm should only be applied to damaged areas of hair (strands or ends of dyed hair. If you want to give your hair extra care, use a hair mask.
4. Most people sometimes overdo the amount of hair shampoo by saying, the more shampoo-the cleaner the hair. It will be enough if you place a 2 Euro coin size shampoo on your hand. The amount of mask should be the size of a walnut, the amount of balm should be the size of a hazelnut, while the hair protection fluid should be the size of a pea grain. Thick or extremely long hair requires larger amounts of these preparations.
5. Sometimes we say that our hair looks like “every hair has its own special policy” (messy and disheveled). Then use a hair styling spray or hot blister to repair loose hair. Alternatives are: dry shampoo or baby powder (absorbs grease).
6. If your hair is constantly falling, look at it for two to three weeks. If the problem persists, visit a dermatologist. The assumption is that an adult loses up to 100 hairs a day. This can be caused by a lack of iron in the blood, intense sunburn, or disruption of the thyroid gland. Try a dermatological shampoo, capsule or lotion, or get help from a dermatologist.
7. It is true that as we grow older, hair requires different care because it becomes thin, brittle and loses its luster. After the age of 50, you should start using an anti-age hair conditioner. They will enhance its flutter and shine.
8. Black-haired women have about 100,000 hairs. This hair color is widespread worldwide. It is dominant in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Blond women have an average of 150,000 hairs (more than any other person). Their hair is thinner and finer. The interesting fact is that there are only 10% of natural blondes in the world. Red-haired women have 90,000 hair hairs (significantly less than people with other hair colors). Red hair is stronger and firmer. 1% of the world’s population has natural red hair. In order not to disappear completely, people with red hair have their own organization called “redheads”. Women with brown hair have 110,000 hairs on their hair. The opinion is that these are women of strong character and very intelligent. Among the Nobel Prize winners, the vast majority were people with brown hair.
9. Before dyeing the hair, the hair should not be washed as a fine layer of tallow protects the scalp from chemical loading. If you dye your hair yourself, keep in mind that you need two packs of hair dye (for shoulder length hair).
10. Visit a hairstylist to change your hair color or make a radical change to wet hair extensions. Use gel and wax in minimal amounts for longer hair as it will look greasy otherwise. To straighten or style your hair, apply a little styling cream and gently rub it into your hair. Hairspray works on every hair and styling. Too light can blind your hair.
11. For some people, their hair is grey color in their thirties. This happens because when inhaled, hydrogen peroxide is produced in every cell of the body (and in the hair follicle), which is usually neutralized by enzymes. This process performs worse over time as the concentration of hydrogen peroxide increases. There is a synthesis of some kind of natural bleaching agent. In some people this happens earlier, while in some people this process happens later.
12. In order to get light shades of dark hair, it is necessary to remove natural, dark pigments from the hair. Strong oxidizing agents (peroxide and per sulfate) are then used. When dyeing the hair in blue, it removes less blue pigment but additionally deposits artificial hair. The peroxide is then used for oxidation. The effect is weaker and the hair is less damaged.
13. Ammonia-free colors have a more pleasant odor. The scent is weaker than that emitted by ammonia paints. The scent is used to fill the hair with pigments to be deposited on it. Instead of ammonia, some hair colors contain special, less intense alkaline oils.
14. The best hair styling products depend on the hairstyle and the density of the hair. The cream is good for combing hair or making a ponytail. Wax gives shape and structure to short hair. The gel styles well for short and medium length hair, and for wet curls. Long hair will look greasy if you apply gel and wax to it. So apply these products in minimal amounts. To stylize and straighten your hair, apply a little cream and rub it gently into your hair. Hairspray is a good product for all hair lengths. Too much hairspray can stick your hair.
15. New models of hair styling machines (Philips and Brown or Rowenta) have the ability to regulate the temperature for each hair type. If you want to have curls on your hair, set the temperature of the appliance to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Use specialty hair styling and protection products.
16. Proper waves give volume to the hair. Mini-wave is now an undervalued technique for achieving hair volume. Not a good solution for long hair. On short and straight hair and medium length hair, the mini-wave will look great. Straight hairstyles using a hairdryer give a lasting hairstyle. Hair is wavy. In order for the straight hair to become curly, the joints inside the hair must regroup. Not all broken joints can be re-joined, so the hair loses its elasticity and causes hair to crack.
17. Hair ironing is one way to straighten your natural curls. Then the chemical substances break down the compounds of the hair. After the treatment, the hair is shaped. The straightening of the hair straightens the hair straightly. With the fixing fluid, the open joints inside are closed. after straightening, the hair should not be washed for three days.
18. Make your hair last longer: If the hair is not freshly washed, the best hair hold is achieved. Hair is easier to style. First, twist the straight strands onto warm blades or thread with a straightener. Soak a third from strand to root as blond hair holds better. Apply hairspray to each soaked section. Use hair extensions in the width of hair strands to firm.
19. For banana tufts: comb the length of the shoulder-length hair into a low ponytail, tuck and twist the ponytail up (tops first). This creates a banana shape that is fixed with hair strands and finally a hairspray.
20. To achieve volume, use volume dryers and a hair dryer with a diffusion accessory (use small, circular movements). To change the natural partition of the hair to correct the root of the hair.

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