In Barcelona, ​​you always run out of time

If you are in the category of total hedonists with many sub-hedonistic commitments to visit every gallery, every museum or site and visit all the shops, boutiques, markets and antiques, then Barcelona is the right place for you. In Barcelona you will find many attractions, parks, sun, sea atmosphere, relaxed atmosphere, the stone streets of Barri Gtica and the scent of the sea in the city.
The W Hotel or La Vela (Sail) was built at the very end of the city port. It has already become a must-see destination for sturgeon. The promenade that stretches from Barcelona to Nova Bocana where the hotel was built has been nicknamed “Nova Copacabanana”. This glass architectural marvel has sensational rooms that cannot be seen because each glass wall extends the entire width of the room. It offers views of Barcelona and maybe the whole Mediterranean. Within the hotel is a Bliss spa that offers spa treatments that are a seriously relaxing thing. Bliss branding is based on a spa menu that offers soaking in coconut milk and peeling from coconut shells or hot tubs. For example, “blissage 75” is a 75-minute head-to-toe massage. It ends with a paraffin foot wrap, a Vichy shower and again a muscle-dissolving massage.

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