12 interesting facts about Belgrade (Serbia)

An old ad for “all for everyone, something for everyone” perfectly describes the capital of the Republic of Serbia. Known for its nightlife, rafts, clubs, bars and parties until the wee hours of the morning, Belgrade is a city where the tiniest of tourists won’t complain. This is a city that has always lived at the intersection between East and West, receiving the influence of both cultures. The prejudice that one day is enough to visit Belgrade slowly breaks down. In addition to the fairly low standard of living, dilapidated facades, this city can offer many historical and cultural monuments, sports and economic events.
1. The pastry shop at the Moscow Hotel is the best place to visit Belgrade. It is located at the zero point of the city center on the Terazije Plateau. It was built 197. It has always been a favorite gathering place for people of all generations. http://www.slatkamoskva.rs
2. Supermarket concept was created on the site of a former ordinary supermarket in the city center. In industrial design and futuristic style it includes a restaurant, a shop, a beauty lounge, a florist, a spa, a hair salon, a wine and choco bar and a gallery. It’s best to come here on Sundays when you can enjoy live jazz music. http://www.supermarket.rs
3. Ethno house Suri is located in Novi Belgrade. The interior is decorated with wooden chairs, saints icons, wolfskin on the walls (Suri means wolf), taking you to medieval Serbia. http://www.suri.rs
4. Little Bay Restaurant is located in the heart of downtown not far from Republic Square. This is part of the famous London restaurant chain. The interior is decorated in Baroque style and looks like an opera set. The impression is amplified by waiters dressed in 18th century clothing.
5. The Cantina de Frida Bar Restaurant is located on the Sava Pier (at the mouth of the Sava River into the Danube), with a bold interior with vibrant colors and reminiscent of the restless spirit of the painter Frida Kahlo. Homemade bread and pancakes are prepared according to the recipe of a famous artist. Try the olives from Tangier. http://www.cantinadefrida.com
6. Rakia Bar (The brandy bar) below the National Theater offers 130 types of brandy. For Serbs, brandy is what for English whiskey, for French cognac, for Greeks metaxa, for Mexicans tequila. During cold winter days boiled brandy is drunk.
7. The Informburo Cafe is a few meters away from the famous Knez Mihailova Street in the Belgrade Philharmonic Club. You can buy tickets to theater shows and concerts here.
8th Mr. Stefan Braun is a club known for cocktails and crazy night dancing. The club is open daily until seven in the morning. The Diesel evening is popular when music hits from the 1990s are released.
9. The warehouse club is located on the Sava dock. This is the most elite nightclub for the urban population. Rough concrete-colored walls, gold-colored satin curtains, silver candlesticks and many other items adorn this club.
10. The Black Panters raft is located on Ada Ciganlija (river island). The music band is made up of players of the Roma nation.
11. Hua Hua small raft at Ada Ciganlija location for lovers of folk music and turbo folk music.
12. The Pastis Bistro is located in Strahinjića bana Street in the so-called Silicon Valley. This is a small restaurant reminiscent of Parisian bistros. The emphasis is on anything reminiscent of France.
photo: http://www.theculturetrip.com

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