The Month February is the period of Carnival (Brasil, Croatia, Italy and France)

The Month February is the period of Carnival (Brasil, Croatia, Italy and France)
1.Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) hosts a colorful, largest and lavish carnival procession. Residents of Rio de Janeiro have been living closely preparing for a few days of carnival for a full year. Costumes are made and designed. With the sounds of Latin samba dancing, many samba schools participate in a parade on the city streets, showing what they have practiced all year. Numerous tourists from all over the world come to be part of this spectacle.
2.Rijeka (Croatia) – the Croatian capital of culture for 2020 is also a famous carnival city of the region and the wider part of the world. Good atmosphere and charming carnival participants make this event complete. Every year, the traditional Rijeka Carnival prepares its program, which is accompanied by a children’s carnival procession. There is something for everyone.
3.Nice (France) is a famous world-class carnival that offers loads of events leading visitors to another world without worry, stress or fatigue. The first international carnival celebration in France has just taken place in Nice. Over time, this event became the largest on the French Riviera. It is accompanied by processions, music concerts, fireworks, entertainment and flower parades at the famous Promenade des
4.Venice (Italia) – Venice’s world-famous and spectacular carnival has delighted visitors for years. Traditional Venetian masks will delight you with their craftsmanship and sophistication and gorgeous costumes.
5. Menton Lemon & Orange Festival (France)

Menton Lemon Festival

The most Italianate and the warmest town on the French Riviera has become famous for the colourful Menton Lemon Festival. A major event on the French Riviera, the celebration attracts no less than 230,000 visitors in Menton each February who marvel at the impressive sculptures and parades.
Every February, the little town of Menton on the French Riviera runs one of France’s most popular events: the Lemon Festival (Fête du citron). Organised by the Tourist Office towards the end of February, the event has been taken place since 1928. Today, each festival uses 120 tonnes of citrus fruit to decorate its gigantic structures and floats. The festival has now become the second largest event on the French Riviera, after the Carnival of Nice and before the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monte Carlo. It is held around the same time as the carnival of Nice. Each year, the festival is organised on a given theme: Disney, Music of the World, Spain, etc.

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