The state of Florida is called the “sunny state”

The state of Florida is called the “sunny state” because of the large number of sunny days. It is located in the far southeast of the United States of America. Florida’s year-round bathing is made possible by the endless sandy beaches that flood the Atlantic and the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. A visit to Everglades National Park is ideal for nature lovers. It is made up of a unique wetland ecosystem inhabited by thousands of birds, reptiles and other wetland dwellers. Miami Beach, Daytona Beach with fun, Orlando with plenty of amusement parks for every taste and age. The best time to visit Florida is when it’s winter in Europe. Then the weather in Florida is stable and warm (after the hurricane season). Prices are then lowest and crowds are lowest.
If you have your own vehicle, a Florida trip will be best. Public transportation is such that traveling across Florida will cost you energy and nerves. Therefore, the recommendation is to rent a car. The prices of rent-a-car services are much lower (compared to Europe) and the price of gasoline (one liter costs about 50 cents). The freeway network is great. The traffic is occasionally dense and well organized. You will travel quickly and safely in compliance with the regulations.
A classic Florida tour goes from Miami, Keys Island, to the far south point — Key West. Through the Everglades National Park along the west coast to Orlando via Cape Carneval along the east coast back to the city of Miami. Ray Ban Sunglasses became famous through the cult TV series from the 1980s Miami Vice (a series of stories about two Miami detectives). Don Johnson played the role of Detective James, Sonny Crocket and wore the indispensable Ray Ban glasses.
The city of Miami at first glance looks like every American city with its network of streets and high skyscrapers. The city has experienced a boom in the last few years so you will see plenty of new buildings. The city is home to a large community of Hispanics, comprising 50% of the population. The largest group is made up of immigrants from Cuba who live in part of the city of Little Havana. The center of this block is the 8th Street known as Calle Ocho where you have a Cuban atmosphere all along the street.
Two monuments were erected in honor of the emigrants: a monument to honor the failed landing of pigs in the Gulf and a monument to Elias Gonzales, a boy from Cuba, who alone survived the escape from Cuba in 2000. The house he lived in today is a museum.
America has no old cities and nobility. The role of the American nobility was taken by the ultra-rich with luxurious mansions built in the early 20th century. The Coral Gables section of the city houses the Vizcay Palace (the residence of American New York billionaire James Dearing). The palace was built as a copy of an Italian Renaissance palace with a rich collection of antiques from the 16th to 18th centuries. For great expense, the owners donated it to the state in the 1950s. The condition was that it be opened to the public.
Miami Beach represents miles of sandy beaches and turquoise sea. South Beach is the most famous part. It is located south of 20th Street, where most bars and restaurants are located. The famous Arte Deco neighborhood is in that part of Miami. There are more than 800 hotels housed in buildings dating back to the early 20th century in art deco style. The most famous city scene is the Neon Lighting along Ocean Drive.Ocean Drive is an ordinary street that changes its appearance at night. Then it was illuminated with neon bright colors with bright colors in the 20’s style.
Espanola Way is a small street (a little off the waterfront) that used to be a red light street. There are plenty of restaurants and boutiques here. For people who like good shopping, go to Lincoln Road and the large 199 Aventura Mall. A few miles west of Miami City, a swampy land full of mangroves and cypresses and animal-rich Everglades begins. Most of the territory of 160×20 kilometers has been declared a national park. It is the second largest national park in the United States.
The best way to view the marsh is by air-powered boat ride ($ 20 price). This ride is not allowed in the area belonging to the national park but you will be able to enjoy the other parts in the ride. You will see alligators, swamp birds and turtles. The Tamiani Trail is a marshy road that connects the city of Miami with the Everglades City for 100 kilometers. The road is unusually straight. The landscape is pretty monotonous. However, along the way there is the Big Cypress Gallery – a photo gallery of famous American photographer Clyde Butcher. Butcher is known for his black and white photographs. Admission to the gallery is free.
The city of Ochopee houses America’s smallest post-office post office building that used to be a toolbox. In the mid-1950s, a hurricane damaged a local post office where one resident gave up his toolbox. Over time, the post office became a local landmark. Everglades City is the unofficial capital of power. It is a fishing destination because it mixes salt and fresh water along its coast. The water is full of fish in this place. Here you can try the typical cuisine of this area – frog legs and crocodile meat (crocodile tail is used).
The Florida Keys is a group of islands strung deep into the Gulf of Mexico. The islands are bound by a road known as US 1 which crosses numerous bridges. The most significant bridge is the Seven Mile Bridge (seven miles long) (approximately 11 kilometers). The name Keys comes from the Spanish word Cayo. The islands are divided into three groups – upper, middle and lower islands. The upper are marshy while the lower and middle are tropical according to tropical vegetation.
The islands are a haven for fishermen because of the mixing of cold Atlantic waters and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Along the coast are harbors where you can rent a sport fishing boat. The rental of a skipper with a skipper is about $ 200 for a few hours to about $ 800 for the whole day. You can fish from the shore. There are no beaches for swimmers. On rare beaches, caution should be exercised as flies in the sand on the beach hide flies that lay eggs under human skin. Key West is the southernmost city in America. It is 90 km from Havana and 150 km from the city of Miami. The city has Caribbean charm because of colonial houses with large porches. The city has been a pirate haven in the past. Then entrepreneurs, artists and many tourists arrived.
At the beginning of the last century, it was one of the richest cities in the United States. The main source of income was to rescue stranded ships. The American writer Ernest Hemingway was one of the most famous residents of Key West, where he lived from 1931 to 1939. His home has been transformed into a museum today.
Orlando was a dormant city where the main event was the Animal Fair several decades ago. Then Walt Disney came along and built a wonderful world- Disneyworld ( This is where Sea World is located – the most famous aquarium with performances featuring orca whales. Universal Studio has built here a tour able movie studio complex. The highlight of the day is the Disney Heroes parade that starts at 3pm every day. It repeats at 19:15. The Kennedy Space Center is located 100 km west of Orlando. The whole complex can be viewed from the bus. From the vantage point you can see the launch ramps for the shuttle. Continue along the Wehicle assembly building – the building where they assembled the Saturn rocket (Apollo propulsion rocket). Today, this building is a shuttle garage. The huge building is the largest single store building in the world (134 meters). The American flag at the top occupies a quarter of the front of the building. You will find information on the planned launches on the site:
The launch of a rocket depends on the weather. Tickets to watch the launch go up at the box office the day before the event. If the launch is delayed do not expect a refund. You can watch the launch from one of the local roads or from one of the nearby beaches.
Florida is a great destination for traveling with kids. Overnight rates (as in all of the United States of America) mean room rates which include two 140 cm wide beds. For a larger family, one room may be sufficient. Be sure to visit the sandy beaches everywhere along the Florida coast. Disneyworld has theme parks for different ages of children. Sea World offers an aquarium, a rich program and a display of life in the sea. Kennedy Space Center has a special offer for children. A one-week beginner course for young astronauts is offered. A ticket includes a visit to the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

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