California offers the sun, beaches, mild climate and lots of fun – Part Three (Los Angeles)

Watching movies from a rich Hollywood production on an almost daily basis, you have certainly learned a lot from the history and life of this movie city.
Home to movie stars and the luxury pole of Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, California’s most famous luxury shopping street since the 1980s. When you leave Rodeo Drive on Sunset Boulevard or Santa Monica Blvd. Head west to Hollywood surrounded by about 3,000 stars at the Walk of Fame. There is everyone here who means something in the movie world: actors, producers, TV directors, directors. The Griffith Observation provides the most beautiful view of the Hollywood inscription (originally Hollywoodland). It is a striking art deco building that houses exhibition halls and a planetarium with contemporary digital projections. Within walking distance are the LA Zoo, Museum of the American West and Southwest, Greek Theater, and miles of walking and walking trails on the Hollywood Hills. China Town in Los Angeles is one of the most popular. It was founded in 1850 during the Golden Fever era. It is a colorful scene of mixing cultures in all walks of life.
Los Angeles Downtown is a combination of the historic, business and ethnic part of the city. There is a Broadway Theater District with 1920s theaters and a Walt Disney Concert Hall architecturally interesting building in the city. When buying any product in Los Angeles, keep in mind that you need to add 8.75% tax on the product price, which is added to all products, even in wholesale. It is always the same. If you shop in Santa Monica your tax is 9.25% on all products.
Long Beach is the longest and most famous beach in the city, with restaurants, bars, shops. Getty Gallery is a gallery with a collection of Impressionists, handmade ceramics, antique furniture and Eastern art, collected by renowned philanthropist J. Paul Getty. Along the street is located most of the sights that tourists are happy to see. All sports fans will enjoy Santa Monica and the kids at Santa Monica Pier.
At the corner of 3rd West and Fairfax Avenue, Farmers Market is one of Los Angeles’ attractions. It was created in 193 when local farmers started trucking and selling their produce. With all the comforts of the new age, one can still feel the breath of past times. The Jewellery District is a part of town for all jewelry lovers. The jewelry is made of all kinds of precious metals with gemstone ornaments. The District consists of more than 100 miniature stores. At the Dolby (ex Kodak) Theater, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts annually awards the Academy with a prestigious film award Oscar that marks the pinnacle of each filmmaker’s career. The Oscar Award is also a business opportunity. Nominated films fill movie theaters around the world months before the award. Years after winning the award, award-winning films are released on small screens, big screen, movie screenings and TV. 1929 The first Academy Awards Oscar were held. Movie stars walking the red carpet are influencing the fashion industry, so it is the desire of every fashion designer to be present at this event. Grauman’s Chinese Theater is also a worth of visit as it is the most famous cinema in the world.

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