California State Offers Sun, Beaches, Mild Climate, and Many Fun – Part One (San Francisco and Humboldt Redwoods State Park)

The capital of California is Sacramento. The climate here is mild, suitable for growing a variety of fruits and vegetables.
San Francisco is a city on 50 hills and the fourth largest in the country. It is located in the bay of the same name in the northern part of the peninsula of the same name. It is a city of smiling and carefree people whose kindness and positive energy you feel everywhere. Originally, it was a settlement built around the Spanish Mission San Francisco de Asís with a thousand inhabitants. By the early 20th century it was the largest city and port in California. Today, this city has a population of about one million people, which covers an area of ​​121 km² and is one of the most densely populated cities in America. In 1906, a devastating earthquake occurred (the strongest recorded in America) that destroyed a quarter of the city with a fire. The renovation took 9 years. Then the urban foundation was laid for the present appearance of the city. The city has been erected on one of the strongest and most active faults in the world, San Andreas is in constant danger of new earthquakes. Most of the city’s attractions are not very accessible by foot.
The traditional Cable Car is an old-fashioned outdoor tram and also a symbol of the city. When returning to the starting station manually, riders rotate the 6-foot long tram before embarking on a new ride. Taxis have enough. When paying for services to taxi drivers, waiters, etc., a tip of 15% of the invoice (rule prescribed) is required.
The heart of the city is Market Place with its wide boulevards. Also nearby are Westfield San Francisco Center and Macy’s. At nearby Union Square Park you can watch some of the performances by street musicians or entertainers. San Francisco is the gastronomic capital of America. Downtown is the epicenter of events. The cuisine here is a blend of different cultures, flavors and aromas combined with readily available fresh foods from prolific California.
Yerba Buena (Good Plant) is named after an aromatic plant whose habitat is in California. Yerba Buena is the original name of San Francisco. This quarter is full of museums, galleries, landscaped parks, monuments, fountains and landscaped parks. Visit the Martin Luther King Memorial located behind a 15-foot-tall waterfall cascading down across the Sierra granite rocks discreetly revealing a glass wall with photos and verses of Dr. King. Here is a butterfly garden founded by artist Reiko Goto to bring together indigenous California butterfly species in a self-sustaining ecosystem. There is the Museum of Modern Art in the city. Cathedral of St. Patrick is in this neighborhood. It was founded in 1851. In the earthquake of 1906 it was demolished to the ground. In the great restoration that followed it was erected in its present location. There is a Museum of Contemporary Jewish Art in an unusual rhomboid edition. It was designed by artist Daniel Libeskind one of the greatest architects in the world.
You can visit the Comics Museum or up to 26 galleries. The starting point for exploring the city from the sea is Fisherman’s Wharf or Fisherman’s Wharf. You can reach it by tram line F or by using Cable Car. From the period of the Gold Rush, here was a safe harbor and dock for the fishing fleet of the city. Today, the docks are full of tourists, restaurants and shops. The so-called Pierre 39 is the most famous dock home to a colony of California sea lions. Sea lions have settled here since 1989. They are now one of the city’s biggest attractions. You will recognize them for their playfulness and loudness. The colony numbers from 150 to 600 individuals. The largest recorded number is about 1000. The waters here are full of fish, the bay protects them from storm winds and natural predators (orcs and large white sharks), which has attracted sea lions. Marina Mamal Center California and local authorities care for sea lions. This is where the San Francisco Aquarium is the only one in San Francisco. At 20,000 m² and through 100 meters long glass tunnels, you can see about 20,000 fish and other marine life (including sharks). All Fishermans Wharf docks depart for the island tour, Alcatraz Prison or Golden Gate Bridge. Red and White Fleet is the oldest fleet of touring vessels. It was founded in 1892. From dock 43 it drives passengers daily. Alcatraz Island was once a defensive rampart and a military (then federal) prison housing notorious criminals. Today it is a national park with rare species of flowers and other plants, marine mammals and other birds nesting on the island. The prison is the most visited tourist attraction in the city. Besides the authentic prison environment and the depressing little prison rooms, you won’t see much.
The Golden Gate Bridge is a construction feat dating back to the Great Depression. It was built from 1933 to 1937. In 1937 the bridge was put into operation by bridging its length (1280 meters) into the bay. This bridge connected San Francisco with the northern districts of California. It is the most photographed bridge in the world. At sunset, its red color stands out the most. Finally, it should be said that 44% of San Francisco residents are college educated. 6% of all trips in the city are by bicycle.
Humboldt Redwoods State Park (California)
At Humboldt Redwoods State Park you can walk past magnificent and ancient coastal sequoias. This developed ecosystem includes the Rock feller Forest. It is one of the oldest rain forests in the world that has not changed for thousands of years. The 2200 year old is the oldest tree in the park. 110 meters is the highest measured tree in the park. The park spans over 53,000 acres. There are about 250 camping sites. The park has over 160 kilometers of hiking and biking trails. The Avenue of the Giants is particularly interesting. It is a 50 kilometer long road through the forest. If you stay here during the summer you can swim in the river Eel where you can fish or take a boat.

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