California offers the sun, beaches, mild climate and lots of fun – Part Four (Oceanside and San Diego)

In California, distances are measured differently from Europe. For example, your neighbor is someone who lives fifty miles away from your home. Shopping is going to a shopping center 25 kilometers away. Using a car due to its long distances. Oceanside is located halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles. This city is an ideal starting point for sightseeing in Southern California.
Oceanside is the northernmost city in San Diego County. It is located near Camp Pendleton, one of the largest and most active military bases in America. It is a quiet city and a favorite destination for tourists from Los Angeles and San Diego. The hills descend from the east toward the coast. They are decorated with numerous villas overlooking the ocean 7 kilometers long city beach. Oceanside Harbor Town Harbor (with a distinctive red and white lighthouse) is the most visited beachfront location. Oceanside Pier is a 600 meter long wooden dock that is the longest on the west coast. There is an amphitheater at the entrance to the dock. In the summer, theater, concerts and other fun events are held daily here. Here you can see local fishermen trying to catch fish or admire the skills of surfers on the ocean. The waves and gentle wind and nice and stable weather here are ideal for surfing. At the end of the pier is Ruby’s Dinner a popular restaurant from the eponymous chain of burger restaurants. Here is the California Surf Museum that offers a permanent set up of surfboards, skateboards, equipment and photos of surfers.

The city of San Diego with its perfect climate, sumptuous beauty and endless entertainment options makes residents and tourists alike happy. The tangible atmosphere of joy and optimism is complemented by the slogan of the San Diego Tourist Board “Choose your luck.”
San Diego is located in the far southwest of California on the border with Mexico. It is 30 kilometers from the Tijuana border city on the Mexican side. 193 miles separates it from Los Angeles in the north. San Diego is California’s “hometown” and second largest. 152 Portuguese explorer and sailor Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo sailed (under the Spanish flag) into the waters of San Diego Bay. Thus he became the first European to enter the present day California. Three centuries later, the Spanish colonization and spread of the word of Christ among the local Native American population led to the construction of the ancient San Diego de Alcala Mission and the first permanent settlement in California.
In 1821, with the declaration of independence, Mexico from Chapney took over the city. 1850 After the end of the American-Mexican War, the city of San Diego belongs to the Americans. The visit to San Diego should begin chronologically. When you take Interstate 5 (which connects America, Canada and Mexico) to the foot of Presidio Hill, you arrive in the old city of San Diego. This is where the Old Town State Historic Park (a complex of museums, shops, bars and souvenir shops) is located. You will see the preserved Victorian-style wooden houses and the typical Spanish-Mexican architecture of white buildings made of unbaked brick. Dusty cowboys and gold diggers have been replaced by tourists. La Casa Estudillo is a famous and original building in Old Town. It was built around a beautifully landscaped garden. It belonged to the famous 19th century merchant family. All 13 rooms feature authentic 16th to 19th century furniture depicting the lifestyle of a wealthy and enterprising merchant and his family.
The Cosmopolitan is another building from that period. Don Juan Bandini, one of the pioneers of San Diego, built it as his residence. After his death, the new owner turned it into the most famous hotel in the city. In 1968 it was purchased by the State of California. 2010 has been completely renovated and converted into a hotel and restaurant. In San Diego, you have a number of bread and breakfast deals and a hacienda of famous hotel chains Holiday Inn, Marriott, Best Western where you can try Mexican cuisine and old Rancho California recipes at very affordable prices.
The panorama of the city of San Diego is dominated by tall and glittering skyscrapers and other Core business district buildings that rise above DownTown traffic avenues. The views from the highest peaks to Coronado Bay and Island leave visitors breathless. Also nearby are Horton Plaza Distric and Westfield Horton Plaza (shopping center). The Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego offers 16 complexes with bars, shops, Victorian and Spanish boutiques with brick sidewalks and gas street lamps that preserve the charm of the late 19th century. Thousands of tourists are following in the footsteps of Wyatt Earp and his favorite casinos, searching for the stories and secrets of Stingaree’s notorious Red Lanterns (its former name). You will enjoy a stroll through the corridor through the Embarcadero district and the view of the city from the water. The San Diego Convention Center resembles a sailboat with its construction. There is Marina Park and the famous Kissing Sailor Monument. The official name of this sculpture is Unconditional Surrender representing a sailor and a paramedic celebrating the end of World War II with a passionate hug and kiss.
The largest urban culture park in the United States is Balboa Park. It is called the Smithsonian of the West because it contains an impressive collection of cultural institutions over an area of ​​1,200 acres. The large space includes 15 museums, 8 large parks, galleries and theaters, a Zoo. The San Diego ZOO is spread over 100 acres of beautiful parkland and is home to rare and endangered (panda animal species, orangutans, Galapagos tortoises and others). The Zoo is divided into several themed pavilions. There are over 800 different species living there. There are acacia trees, eucalyptus, parks of roses and cacti and other exotic plants. The Zoo closes at 6 pm.
San Diego Bay is the largest naval base in the world. You quickly become accustomed to the presence of large warships in fenced docks and bases in the South Bay. You will see the USS Midway Museum (a huge carrier of the Midway aircraft) which, after 50 years of service in 1991, was withdrawn from service. In 2005, it was converted into a US Navy Museum. The carrier has 25 restored planes, 3D flight simulators, more than 40 exhibits in hangars, crew quarters and boat cabins.
San Diego is one of the world’s most desirable holiday destinations especially for families with children.

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