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Shanghai is a Chinese city that leaves no one indifferent
The former Paris of the East today is Shanghai’s symbol of the unstoppable economic upswing of modern China. The city grows every day and builds as its population grows year by year. Modern and speculative skyscrapers are located in the Pudong business zone, the center of China’s financial power. It houses luxury hotels and headquarters of domestic and foreign companies. A favorite tourist activity is the ascent to the back floors of the skyscrapers with gazebo (Oriental Pearl Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center Tower) overlooking the city’s modern vistas and the Huanghpu River. The famous Bund Promenade is located on the other side of the Huanghpu River. There is a calmer atmosphere here. Early 20th Century buildings were built in all styles and reminiscent of ancient times. The most famous pedestrian street in the city is Nanjing Road pedestrian street. There is a subway station, the Shanghai Museum (built in the form of an ancient cookware) and the Shanghai Grand Theater. Pudong International Airport is a 5-minute drive from the city center.
According to some estimates, over 100,000 very rich people live in the city. They called themselves “bao fa hu” (explosively rich people). Interestingly, designer goods, cosmetics and cars are twice as expensive as in Europe (due to the high taxes imposed on goods by the Chinese state). When shopping for any item in stores, keep in mind that bargaining is required in China.
The pedestrian street is Nanjing Xi Lu. It is a modern landscaped promenade with countless shops and restaurants. It is recommended to visit the Jing’an Temple for soul purification. It is one of the largest temples in the city. Particularly noteworthy is the Hongwu copper bell weighing 3.5 tonnes and the largest sitting Buddha in China. The popular temple in China is the one with the Jade Sitting Buddha (from Song Song) nearly 2 meters high. It is decorated with semi-precious stone from Burma. There’s another reclining white-jade Buddha.
City God Temple or Chenghuang Miao is a downtown temple that is visited by a large number of tourists every day. From this temple you enter the Yuyuan Gardens whose construction began in the Ming Dynasty. They are an oasis of peace and tranquility downtown. The gardens are located on an area of ​​two hectares. They consist of several parks and lakes. The areas inside the garden are separate walls. At the top of the walls are cloaks with the image of a dragon in various forms. The dragon represents power and protects against evil spirits.
Despite its overpopulation, Shanghai is a pretty safe city. Here women can move to all parts of the city by day and night The best transportation around the city is by subway or taxi service. Write the name of your destination in Chinese or Mandarin and show the driver.
Shanghai Museum
No.201 Renmin Da Dao
Shanghai 200003, P.R.China
Tuesday to Sunday
Last entry at 16:00
Entrance: the South Gate
Exit: the North Gate

There is a French Concession neighborhood in the city that has always resisted turbulent changes in the city. One of the main streets is Huaihai Lu where stores of Chinese and foreign companies can be found. The destination is interesting at night for anyone looking for fun. Eating recommendations during your stay in Shanghai are the diners where the locals eat. Chinese beer is around 1 Euro while German beer is around 11 Euro.
Huangpu is the central part of the city. This is where People’s Park is conceived as an open-air lounge. The park is as clean and tidy as the entire city of Shanghai. This city is one of Asia’s most exciting megapolis. This is where the modern history of power, money and success is written. Communism is the only and ruling option in China. The speed with which change is taking place in this city gives off a version of capitalist communism – a seemingly incompatible combination but present in Shanghai. However, you will see optimism at every turn. It has already become a Chinese proverb “That tomorrow will be better than today.”

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