Literature: for February 2020

1.Never Let Me Go (Kazuo Ishigura) – Kazuo Ishigura was born in 1954 in Nagasaki, Japan. In 1960 he moved to England with his family. Ishigura studies at Kent and East Anglia universities. He is the author of several screenplays and short story collections. He is best known for his novel Remains of the Day (winner of the 1989 Man Booker Prize for Fiction) and Never let me go.
About the novel: Kathy (now a young woman) was a student at Hailsham Private School in an English village. Here, children are hidden from the rest of the world, raised to believe that they are special, that their health is important to the society of which they will become members over time. Kathy left this idyllic idea behind many years ago. Her two Halisham friends are re-entering her life. Kathy gives in to the memory. Her friendship with Ruth is blossoming. Youthful infatuation outgrows love for Tommy. Kathy remembers years and years of schooling. It describes the happy moments of a happy and unsettled growing up. Still, there are dark moments in my memory. These are moments of discord and misunderstanding that hint at the terrible secret hidden behind the walls of Hilsham.
Now after so many years, three friends are forced to face the childhood truth and destiny that is destined for them.
2.The Feast of the Goat (Mario Vargas Llosa) was born in 1936 in Peru. He is one of the most famous members of Hispanic literature. His most famous works are: Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, The Time of the Hero, The Death in the Andes, The Feast and the Goast. He has received many distinguished honors and awards.
About the novel: Forty-nine-year-old Urania Carbal returns to the Dominican Republic all her life haunted by feelings of fear and emptiness. It brings to life the events of 1961. At that time, the capital of the State of Peru was called Ciudad Trujillo. Three million residents lived under the dictator of Elder Rafael Trujillo. The locals call him Capricorn because of his sick depravity. Through a combination of violence and blackmail, they control a close circle of people. Betrayal and cowardice become a way of life in the dictator’s crappy palace. The grip of the tyrant is slowly loosening. The Machiavellian revolution began, which would later have bloody consequences. The plot is being betrayed against the tyrant Trujill. The author tells the story of the end of a regime and the birth of a terrible democracy. It gives a voice to Trujillo (a historical figure) for his victims, innocent people, traitors and conspirators drawn into the dictator’s deadly orbit.
2010 Vargas wins Nobel Prize in Literature
3.Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother: Stories of Loss and Love
Xinran Xue- is a journalist in China known for her radio shows. She was born in Beijing in 1958. She has a teenage son whose father she divorced. The father did not consider women to be as valuable as men. She left for London in 1997. It was her first trip west. She originally did various jobs. Today he is a professor at the School of Oriental and African Studies London.
About the novel: Xian has managed to break into the most secrets in the hearts of Chinese mothers. These are college students, successful businesswomen, rural women and other women. They gave up their daughters. These women had to give up their daughters and give them up for adoption. It was the result of bad old traditions, a one-child policy, or awful economic opportunities. Some women have had to observe how their children are taken and drowned in water. Xinran perfectly describes the guerrilla troops of additional births traveling the roads and railways dodging the system. They are trying to keep more than one child. Naive young college students who made a mistake and thus ruined their lives. Women from villages whose families give up because they cannot date a male heir.
4.The Shoe Book (Nancy MacDonell) – The book is dedicated to shoes. The little encyclopedia is embarking on a fashion adventure of the first leather model from the 4th century BC. Among the select models of shoes are Alexander Mc Queen shoes.
5.”The whole Town’s Talking” (Fannie Flagg)
Versatile and talented American writer and actress Fannie Flagg continues to captivate readers with her novels. The Whole Towns Talking is a new hit by the author of the novel “Fried Green Tomatoes”, in which she talks about what it really means to be alive. With a distinctive humor, playful imagination and a deep understanding of human weaknesses and human hearts, in this unforgettable story of life – and the afterlife – she reminds us that community is of utmost value, that life is a gift and that love never dies
About the Author: In her rich career, Fannie Flag has won many awards and accolades for her television and literary work. She achieved the most success with the novel The Fried Green Tomatoes, which also made a popular movie of the same name, which in 1992 won an Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.Flagg won the renowned Southern Book Prize for her novel The Whole Town’s Talking.
About the novel: Elmwood Springs, Missouri is a small town like any other. The wise Lordor Nordstrom has created a wonderful place to live and a rich legacy for himself and wife Katrina, whom he met through ads. This city is a beautiful last resort for family, friends and neighbors to come. Resting may not be the right word, actually. Something unusual is going on in the cemetery. Although it is called Tranquil Meadow, it does not have complete tranquility. And now, the whole city is talking.


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