Mobile applications perform many useful activities

In the world around us, we are witnessing an increasing presence of mobile and smart phones, iPod’s, iPhone’s and other devices that “fit the palm of your hand”. Entire generations (especially the younger population) buy and use these appliances, which certainly make our lives much easier.
The advent of technological gadgets and devices of the modern age has changed the human attitude towards technology. Sending messages, receiving messages, searching for news, and a host of information are phenomena without which modern life is unthinkable. Although these devices have not hypnotized us without them today we cannot. Why is that? Part of the answer lies in the emergence of mobile applications, of which there are countless. For everyone, they offer something fun, sometimes bizarre, often interesting and educational. Each of these (more or less) useful mobile apps has its consumers among both genders and across all ages.
Sounds annoying- is a mobile application that offers a full range of irritating sounds (baby crying, parquet crunching, car alarm).
Bubble Wrap- is a mobile application that shortens the waiting time by cracking virtual plastic balloons.
Ingrown Toenail Removal- is a mobile pedicure application.
My FitnessPal is the most popular mobile application in the world that offers weight loss and weight loss programs. You enter information on height, weight, age and gender and select the desired pace (for example, one kilogram less in seven days). The app calculates the allowable daily amount of calories.
Makeup- is a mobile application that deals with changing looks with makeup and gives you hair style tips that will suit you. You need to upload your lily photo to get the results you want.
Ultraviolet UV Index is a useful application and program especially for people with light and sensitive skin. Using this application on any dish in the world, the power of ultraviolet radiation is measured and advised on how to behave accordingly.
Waterlogged is a very popular mobile application. Indicates people’s awareness that regular and sufficient water intake per day is important for health (two liters of water per person are recommended). Many people forget to drink water, so the app is useful in this regard.
Hair Alert- is a synoptic program and mobile application that delivers hair forecasts. Using classic forecasting data (amount of humidity in the air, wind intensity or probability of precipitation), the application estimates the degree of danger to the hairstyle, the application is simple. Determine your hair type (straight, wavy, curly) and evaluate how the hair behaves in certain weather conditions. The app offers a number of practical tips.
AlcoDroid- is an application that offers accurate estimation of blood alcohol content. Extremely useful for all drivers. It calculates the number of promyles of alcohol in the blood, thus preventing many traffic accidents and saving lives.
O.P.I. Nail Studio-American company O.P.I. is a world-renowned manufacturer of nail polishes. With this application, you can design how nail polish should look on your nails, hand. You need to adjust your skin tone and nail length to choose nail polishes from the company’s complete O.P.I palette.
DoctorMole is a well-established application and adviser in the prevention of melanoma due to global panic in the world (due to the increase in the number of patients with melanoma). The app assesses the condition of your youngsters on skin, hair, etc. Take a picture of the youngsters and submit a picture through this application. Based on the medical parameters, the application informs you whether the youth may be asymmetrical (one of the symptoms of a cancerous disease), whether the youth has a suspicious color or irregular edges. Upgrading to the so-called premium version is paid for. You are then given the opportunity to monitor changes in the youth over a period of time and the ability to set reminders to repeat the analysis (with a dermatologist). This application is not credible as the opinion of a dermatologist but its advantage is in educating and getting the information you need to pay attention to.


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