What model of jeans pants fits your figure?

We have been dressing various models of jeans pants for almost our entire life. They are current for all generations and in all annual conditions. Jeans pants can always be worn for almost any occasion.
If you have a long torso boot- so called “boot cut” is synonymous with long legs. For you, the best pants model is where the waist is narrow and the socks are slightly wider.
If you are wearing plus size pants – buy a simple model in dark colors that follows the body line. Make the model neither too wide nor too narrow. These are also the most comfortable pants for you.
If you have wide hips – the width of your socks is important. Models of jeans trousers that are moderately spread are best suited. Models of skinny jeans pants (with a longer sweater or long shirt) will suit you well.
If you have extra pounds on your waist – the best model of jeans pants is the one with the high waist. You can buy a low waist model with an A-cut shirt / blouse.
If you’re a tall person, every cut and model of jeans pants will fit you well. You can choose models with high or low waist, short or long socks. If you are overweight, avoid the skinny model.

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