Breakfast is always a healthy start to the day

Every morning we are at the beginning of a new day full of challenging challenges. Before leaving home, we should have breakfast. When we skip breakfast, we do harm to our bodies because we need a lot of quality energy for all-day tasks and tasks (of any kind).
In order to help our body we need to understand it better and know how the human body functions. Our body is made up of fat and non-fat parts. Our fat-free body cannot function even though its fat content is less than the non-fat parts. The lipid constituents of the cells are between 2 and 5% fat. Each cell membrane is made of a lipid layer important for the proper functioning of the body. With our daily activities, our body consumes its energy and nutrients needed for all organs to function.
Breakfast is the first meal the human body prepares for physical exertion. Therefore, it is important to think about proper fat intake. The latest research from the American National Institute of Heart, Lung, and Circulatory System (NHLBI) proves that 30% of dietary intake should come from fat.
Recommended energy intake of fat per day:
An adult needs to bring 20-30% fat, 45-65% carbohydrate, 20-35% protein into their body to meet their personal energy and nutritional needs.
Fats are essential in our diet as they are an important source of energy. They participate in all the most important functions in the human body. Fats are part of cell membranes and protect the body from sudden changes in temperature. Without fat, there is no absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K which are soluble with fats only. Reduced fat intake creates a deficiency of these vitamins. Vitamin A works wonders for our eyesight, Vitamin D is important for calcium metabolism and proper bone development, Vitamin K is important for muscle health and Vitamin E is important for vitality and beauty. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects us from atherosclerosis, kills wound healing, and protects lung tissue from pollutants from the air.
Fats are a source of essential fatty acids directly responsible for regulating blood pressure, boosting immunity and protecting brain health.

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