Chronic fatigue syndrome and low pressure are not dangerous but are uncomfortable

After a viral infection that is not completely cured in humans, chronic fatigue occurs. The characteristics of chronic fatigue are depression and decreased immunity. It is accompanied by mild and persistent sore throat, headache, poorer concentration and numbness. There is no adequate therapy. To find out if this is a syndrome or if it is the cause of something else, complete blood tests and hormone status (thyroid, adrenal, lungs, urine examination, mammography, gynecological examinations) should be performed.
Research says that 20% of people have chronic fatigue syndrome. It affects mostly women between the ages of 25 and 45.
Useful activities are meditation, painting, sculpting that slow down your breathing and your pulse. Be a self-taught artist and try to enjoy what you do. Extra and unusual activity will definitely bring you happiness and joy.
Low pressure is not dangerous but it is uncomfortable. It is also accompanied by poor concentration, fatigue, exhaustion. It can seriously endanger the quality of life.
6 tips to do self-help for people with low blood pressure:
1. When sleeping, put several pillows under your head and nape. The transition from lying to standing will not be abrupt. You will avoid dizziness.
2. Strengthen blood vessels by alternating hot and cold water showers. Then the blood vessels expand and shrink faster due to rapid changes in temperature. They are easier to adapt to external influences. Always end the shower with cold water. You can get a better effect by using a dry massage brush to massage your skin in the direction of your heart. A cold shower activates the nervous system and increases or normalizes blood pressure.
3. The first hour after a meal is the lowest blood pressure. Blood pressure drops because digestion requires blood to perform its function. When you eat portions of food often and slightly, this effect will be weaker.
4. Try to avoid alcohol as it has several negative effects. It stimulates the expulsion of fluid from the body, interferes with the work of the center for balance in the brain and slows the heart. Alcohol has a negative effect on the small nerves responsible for narrowing the blood vessels. Then the symptoms of circulatory disorders worsen.
5. Salty dishes are allowed. Salt binds fluid in the body. Then the blood pressure increases slightly. A strong breakfast, salty meals or salty stews help you feel better. It is a well-known custom in Turkey to serve a small portion of delicious soup (tomato soup, green vegetable soup, etc.) for breakfast, which gives you the energy and incentive to do your daily activities.
6. Everyday movement is important. Any kind of movement is help. Contributes to increasing and normalizing blood pressure. Use the stairs instead of the elevator, and the like. It takes only half an hour of fitness training three times a week to keep your blood pressure under control. It can be fast walking, jogging, cycling, and the like.

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