September destinations are always current

1.Copenhagen (Denmark) – Every year, at the end of September, the five-day Copenhagen Blues Festival brings together the best Danish and world blues musicians. Concert halls, open stages across the city, and clubs offer fine-tuned music events by major blues musicians. Saturday afternoon offers the always-chamber blues concert at Grundtvig Church one of the few worldwide examples of Expressionist sacral architecture. The younger population is looking forward to concerts of blues music on antique ships at Nyhavn Harbor.

2.Malaga (Spain) – The Feria de Malaga Festival is held every year at the end of August. The festival is a promotion of the 3000-year-old and rich tradition of this Spanish city. Proud horsemen ride on horseback through the streets of the city. Behind them go the beauties in flamenco dresses. Food is cooked on the streets. Ice sangria, paella and homemade sweet wine and cherry are offered. The festival lasts eight days. It offers fun events, dance, music, and street entertainers. When the sun goes down he goes to the southern part of Cortijo de Torres.
3.Laucala (Fiji) -Laucala Resort is located on a luxury island on Fiji Island. It has a Deep Flight Super Falcon submarine for two. The submarine has the appearance of an airplane. Passengers are located below the glass dome through which they have a 360-degree view below the glass dome of the South Pacific submarine. Colorful reefs, tropical fish, octopus and sharks can be seen. Guests can play golf, snorkel, go fishing, enjoy water sports.
4.Braemar (Scotland) – The history and culture of the Celts can be met on the first weekend of September at the Gorstak Games taking place in the Scottish Highlands town of Braemar. During the reign of King Malcom III 900 years ago, the first games were held. The king organized a relay race. Members of the winning team would become his personal messengers. Over time, the games grew into a parade full of events (throwing stones from the shoulder, tightening the rope, and more). At the request of the Conservative Queen Victoria, this festival is filled with brass music, revelers, bagpipers and harps, highland dancers. Today, games are a three-day spectacle for entire families.
5.Aalsmeer (The Netherlands) – The Dutch love flowers and are dedicated to flowers. The Aalsmeer Bloemencorso Festival is a flower festival. The city of Aalsmeer is located 20 kilometers southwest of Amsterdam. This city with its surroundings is the largest flower farm in the country. There is the largest market with flowers (50,000 square meters) – Here come buyers from all over the world to buy flowers. At the end of every September, a three-kilometer long flower-filled procession with music and dancers starts from Aalsmeer towards Amsterdam. On the evening after the procession, there is a ride on lighted boats around the city lake and canals. Fireworks and performances by Dutch musicians follow.
Have you always wanted to take part in a flower arranging contest? Does an exhibition of thousands of roses in full bloom make you happy? Do you want to be inspired by professional floral stylists? Or are you interested to see how artists get their inspiration from flowers and plants? Then you are a true flower lover, so come to the Flower Festival in Aalsmeer on 20 and 21 June 2020. A festival with everything from garden squares to art exhibitions.
Aalsmeer Flower Festival lives up to its name with a colorful weekend entirely dedicated to flowers, plants, art, music, food and drinks. This festival is the perfect opportunity to discover the fascinating world of Aalsmeer horticulture.

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