Why did the turtle cross the other side of the road?

2018-01-27 09.14.40
The teacher would say: to go to the other side of the road.
A general technical education teacher would say: to be an active participant in traffic.
The Philosopher Plato would say: for the sake of the common good.
Aristotle would say: it is in the nature of turtles to cross the road.
Karl Marx would say: it was a historical inevitability.
Captain James. T. Kirk (Star Wars) would say: boldly go where no turtle has gone before.
Machiavelli would say: the point is that the turtle has crossed the road. Who cares why? The mere fact that the turtle crossed the road justifies the motive (whatever the motive is).
S. Freud would say: The fact that we wonder at all why a turtle crossed the road reveals our inner insecurity.
Bill Gates would say: Microsoft has just launched a new Turtle2020 software that not only crosses the road but emits voices of delight and joy and even utters words.
Charles Darwin would say: after a long period of time, natural selection had to act on turtles so they are now genetically adapted to cross the road.
Albert Einstein would say: whether the turtle crossed the road or the road moved under the turtle’s feet depends on the system from which you observe the event.
The Buddha would say: by asking this question, you have denied your own turtle nature.
Ernest Hemingway would say: just to die. In the rain.
Martin Luther King would say: I see a world where all turtles will be able to cross the road freely without having to explain their motives to anyone.
Mitch Buchannon (a fictional character from the television series Baywatch played by David Hasselhoff) – Keep away from deep water and strong currents.
Neill deGrasse Tyson would say: a turtle is just one particle in space, and space is all around us.
Mahatma Gandhi would say: a turtle is a living being and we should respect it. Let it just pass quietly and steadily to the other side of the road.


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