In the French city of Cannes you can always find your favorite character from the TV screen

Local tourist guides from the French city of Cannes still tell tourists the story or legend of the 4-hour escape of the Duke of Windsor (then Prince of Wales) to the locals. The reason for his escape and the sleeping of the guards were the seafood in the garlic sauce he ate at Old Harbor. The famous Duke of Windsor saying is, “Cannes is like a beautiful woman, charming and full of secrets. “This story or legend vividly explains the gastronomy of the Cote d’Azur. The food is delicious and pleasing to the eye. All dishes are with a cane. Particular attention is paid to decoration and serving.
Carlton Hotel, Majestic Barriere Hotel, Martinez Hotel
The famous and world-renowned Le Festival de Cannes film festival has been held here since May 1946. The main prize at the festival is the Palme d’Or, which is presented for the best film. The cameras of all domestic and foreign TV stations broadcast this great event. The Boulevard de la Croisette promenade is surrounded by hotels, boutiques, galleries and terraces along the seafront. High palm trees rise along the whole promenade. Only hotel guests can swim at the promenade beaches. A public beach 2, 5 kilometers long and about 20 meters wide is located nearby. This is where the Majestic de Barrier Hotel is located. Across from the hotel is the Palais des Festival where all film screenings are held during the festival. You can walk to the old town of Le Suquet which has a terrace (lookout) if you want to enjoy the view of the whole city and the Lerine Islands. There is a square tower from the 11th century, which then served as an observation post from which the Saracen pirates could be spotted.
1839 British Lord Lord Brougham goes on vacation with his daughter 10 kilometers away to the city of Nice. Avoiding the plague that then ruled the south of France, he paused in a small fishing town with long sandy beaches. Lord Broughman was delighted with the scene and decided to invest in this city. Thus began the tourism development of Cannes. Cannes is not a cheap city. An average dinner costs 50 Euros, a cocktail at the bar costs around 10 Euros.
The owners of all the properties in the city are rich or members of the royal lineage, which gives the city an elitist twist. Property prices range in millions of Euros. The city of Cannes is always up-to-date so properties are easily bought or sold.
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