Miami is one of the best tourist cities in America

At first glance Miami (Florida, United States) is a typical city with all its flaws and virtues. The atmosphere that is felt everywhere in this city is relaxed and a bit slow. For the most part, Latinos are always smiling and warm-hearted. The city is known for its famous Mojito cocktail and Key-lime pie (a favorite cake in Florida). The climate is comfortable all year long with the long sandy beaches of Miami Beach and the waves constantly hitting the coast.
The city of Miami is located in the southeastern part of the US state of Florida. It is the center of Miami-Dade County. The city is bounded on the one hand by the Everglades wetlands, on the other by the Bay of Biscay. The wider part of the city is the area and intersection of numerous cultures, religions and nations. It is strongly influenced by Latinos and immigrants from the Caribbean islands. The languages ​​spoken in the city are English, Spanish and Haitian. Miami has a pleasant tropical climate with a slight influence of the golf course. The average annual temperature is 15 degrees Celsius in January and 30 degrees Celsius in July. Most rain falls during June.
Miami’s history dates back to 1896, when a little more than 300 residents lived in the city. It is related to a topic that we have mostly watched on movies and TV screens. It’s about the story of the American Indians. The wider area of ​​today’s city was populated by Tequesta Indians. With the arrival of the railway in the 1920s, the rapid development of the city began. The development of the city was interrupted by the 1926 hurricane and the world-famous depression of the 1930s. Miami has suffered the devastation of 6 hurricanes: Cleo (1964), Betsy (1965), Andrew (1992), Irene (1999) and Katrina and Wilma (2005). At the beginning of World War II, Miami played an important role in the fight against German submarines. The war prompted an influx of population that continued for years after the war and during the Castro regime.
In addition to the city of Atlanta, the city of Miami is an important financial and business hub of the Southeastern United States. On the shores of Biscayne Bay is the City (opposite Miami Beach). They are connected by several bridges overlooking the islands. The islands are famous for having beautiful villas built on them, owned by world-famous actors, singers, directors, artists and politicians. If you want to visit this magnificent empire you can take a tourist boat from Bayside.
The boat will take you to the “celebrity island” and under the bridges that connect Miami Beach to the rest of the city.
One of the nicer parts of town is Coral Gables. The whole neighborhood looks strange because the houses are made of coral rocks as the basic building material. Dense tree-lined avenues litter the lavish houses and the beloved Biltmore Hotel (built in 1920). Next to the sumptuous coral town square is the Coconut Grove Walking Area, where you can walk the CocoWalk. The famous Bubba Gump (restaurant chain) is located nearby at the Bayside Pier Market opposite a century-old tree (whose interior you can photograph). Bubba Gump became famous after the movie Forrest Gump one of the most beautiful stories that
The Golden Age throughout Miami’s history is the time of Art Deco. This is most evident through the buildings between Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue.

Open Miami
EN: +1 786 585 6139
FR: +33 6 15 77 67 47
Miami, Florida
The GMCVB hosts a limited Visitor Center for Greater Miami and the Beaches. Located in the heart of Miami’s business district, the GMCVB offers brochures, maps and tourism information. We can offer guidance and general assistance with questions you may have regarding your visit to Greater Miami and the Beaches.
Address: 701 Brickell Avenue, Suite 2700, Miami, FL 33131
Phone: (305)539-3000
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-6 p.m.
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The most famous shopping malls in the city are Aventura shopping mall, Dolphin shopping mall, Sawgrass Mills, Bell Harbor shops,
Many shops are located on Lincoln Road – a pedestrian area full of bars, cafes, restaurants, gift shops and other quaint places. If you have a day of excess during your vacation you can visit the Everglades, Key West or downtown Orlando (3 hours by car on great roads).

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