Dance 5 Rhythms has the power of healing and creative expression

American Gabrielle Roth invented the so-called Dance 5 Rhythms. This popular form of meditation is a powerful movement meditation that any person can practice regardless of age, personal ability or any limitations. The goal of dance is to stimulate a person’s essential need to move and be moved, to connect with other people and to feel a living human being.
Liquid rhythm – binds to a state of softness. The body hangs relaxed and flexes. Then one feels and accompanies one’s own energy with which the person connects.
Rhythm Stakato- carries passionate, fiery, percussive and angular dance. In this rhythm, the person listens to his heart and respects the need to express his feelings.

Chaos is the rhythm of life by which we touch our impulses, impulses, spontaneous poetic intelligence. We release them through the heart and body.
Lyrical rhythm – is the most connected to the soul of a person. Through this rhythm we have the freedom to change energy so that we are never present in one possibility.
The rhythm of deep silence teaches us that everything is over. Through it, the person is renewed and in contact with the source of inner wisdom.

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