History of the Italian cosmetic manufacturer Deborah Made in Italy

In the early 1960s, the Deborah cosmetic manufacturer (Milan, Italy) was created in Milan, Italy. Their driving and basic goal at the time was to make preparations available to women in the world. Deborah was originally focused on the younger population. It was the first brand to directly address its target consumer-youth group. The first liquid mascara with the revolutionary automatic brush was a cosmetic product that gave Deborah cosmetics a legend.
Deborah cosmetics is soon becoming a favorite make-up among TV presenters, singers and actresses in Italy. Rita Pavone, Sidney Rome, Renee Simonsen, Sofia Loren and many other celebrities recognized the quality of Deborah products. In the mid-1970s, Deborah began her journey and integration into the world of high-end fashion. 1973 Deborah’s relationship with the new rebel generation was strengthened through the Jeans Loves Dehorah (and jeans amano Deborah) advertising campaign. The rise of the designer of the Italian Prĕt-ā-porter is taking place. The partnership with Versace designer, Krizio and Fiorucci begins. Deborah became a partner and sponsor of the Miss Italia Competition since 1977. The first Miss Deborah was Caterina Murino. Caterina has taken beauty and intelligence to international movie stars. Winners of previous competitions have since been featured in all Deborah promotional photos.

At the beginning of the 1990s, Deborah decided to satisfy the sophisticated tastes of all sophisticated women with its innovations and expanded product range. The company is fascinated by the modern businesswoman who is at the same time a mother, successful wife, student or businesswoman. Then Deborah turns to women of all profiles and ages who have the same desire-to be beautiful.
The main features of the product are imaginative colors, Italian style, top quality and sophisticated product design. Some products still retain traditional values thanks to quality and formula. Some products have been present in the Deborah Manufactory for decades. Limited summer, fall or New Year’s collections can always find modern lipsticks, eye shadows, lipsticks and nail polishes to keep up with new trends.

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