Ljubljana is always a beloved city

The Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik had a lot of influence on the current look of the Slovenian capital to call Ljubljana “Plečnik’s Ljubljana”. With his bold and unusual architectural works (National and University Library, Main Market, Open-air stage for various music events), architect Pecnik made the city look beautiful and interesting. The name comes from the word “beloved”. The original charm, way of life and tradition are the main features of Ljubljana. The city is strongly influenced by the domestic and international environment. Ljubljana is the small cosmopolitan capital of the Republic of Slovenia.
The symbol of present-day Ljubljana is a dragon (guarded by the city), killed on its way through the swamp of Ljubljana by the Greek hero Jazon with his fearless fellow Argonauts.
The Ljubljanica River intersects the urban fabric of the city. You will have the right experience when climbing a funicular or on foot over well-maintained trails to Ljubljana City (Fort). Ljubljana is a rare city where you have a forest that rises above city views. The Virtual Museum will give you an interesting insight into the history of the city. The main town square, called Prešeren Square, is a favorite gathering place for residents. There is also a monument to Prešeren, the greatest Slovenian poet. The church (Franciscan Church) in the square has a noticeable pink facade. The stairs to the entrance to the church serve as a holiday and respite for tourists and locals alike. Around the corner is the most beautiful city street “Miklosic Street”, where Secession architecture is noticeable.
At the other end of the main city square is the symbol of the city known Triple Bridge, which forms a link with the old city. This symbol was created by merging an existing 19th-century bridge with two newly constructed pedestrian bridges in the 1930s.
A promenade has been built along the Ljubljanica River, where drinks and coffee are lazy in the daytime and live music is accompanied by nightlife. There is an urban myth in the city that says a girl is a virgin if a dragon swings its tail while a girl walks past it on a bridge. A favorite place to go is Tivoli Park with its many birds and squirrels. At the end of the park is an ideal place for a break from Tivoli. Slovenia and the city of Ljubljana are famous for their wines. In November, a Wine Festival takes place on Martinje where you can walk along the wine road and taste young wines from Slovenian winemakers for free.
The free guided tours, dedicated to Slovenian poetry will take place on 7 and 8 February 2020. They will be given in honour of the Slovenian Cultural Holiday.
Take a walk around the historical city centre, and explore all of its major attractions. Continue with a visit to Ljubljana Castle and treat yourself to beautiful views of the city from the castle’s ramparts.



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