Your feet carry you all day long and devote time and energy to foot care

Feet and heels are part of the body that we often overlook. Care of this part of the body is equally important in order to endure a long and arduous day and to walk smoothly and slowly through life.
Massage heels, soles and toenails for a few minutes with a gentle step-gentle brush for a few minutes. By brushing, we improve circulation and remove dead cells from the skin. Then wipe your feet. Instead of a brush, you can use a special loofah sponge that has the healing properties of 8 dead skin cells, deeply cleanses the skin and is a natural exfoliant). Apply a cooling gel as the surface on which the powder is placed will be perfectly dry. Then sweat powder or antiperspirant foot cream. These products help the skin to breathe perfectly. You will feel comfortable lightness in your feet. For optimal effect and complete day care, apply a moisturizer every night before bed. From time to time, apply a special foot mask to further feed them.
Refresh your feet – if you are on your feet all day long, your feet are exposed to heavy loads. Use products that stimulate circulation, reduce fatigue and pain. Products in the form of creams, gels and lotions with active ingredients that stimulate circulation and eliminate excess water in tissues can be found on the market.
Smooth Foot Exfoliation – To make your skin as smooth as satin once a week, exfoliate your feet. Immerse your feet in a basin or small tub of warm water in which you put aromatic salt (mint or chamomile). For ten minutes, enjoy a mini spa treatment that relieves fatigue and softens rough skin, blisters and curly eyes. Then remove the rough skin on your heels and cheekbones with a file or special peeling creams. Finally rub the moisturizer. Various foot baths and lotions can be marketed depending on how sensitive and dry your feet are. It is recommended that you do not exfoliate more than twice a week to keep your skin healthy.
Toe nails – After peeling, use the softness to accurately shape your nails. Use scissors, a file and a snack to cut nails. It is best to shape your nails so that the tip of the nail is straight throughout. This prevents nails from growing into the skin, which can be painful. Use a non-metal hull to shape it. The golden rule is that you do not cut the scissors with scissors because you can make wounds on the skin and cause inflammation. Use special oil and a stick. Oil the skin around the nail. When the oil is absorbed into the skin with a stick, gently push the cuticles towards the root of the nail.
Relieve foot pain caused by uncomfortable footwear – new, tight and uncomfortable footwear can cause a number of problems for the feet. Blisters or foot deformities occur which are always uncomfortable and painful. To alleviate problems, use permanent patches that protect the skin and prevent infections.

Useful tip:
You can adjust your new footwear by soaking a piece of cotton wool with some milk and wiping the inside of the shoe several times.

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