A woman’s strategy (and a man) for living with a smile

baler 3
Happiness is (as books and textbooks) tell) each person’s personal choice. 50% of personal happiness is determined by genes, 10% is determined by life circumstances and 40% is determined by our behavior – say scientists in these fields. However, we ourselves can take a minute or two or more minutes each day to apply and perform tasks that make us happy and in a better mood.
Happy Face-Research says that smiles (and when you’re sad) “make” the human brain think it’s okay.
Happy posture – proper or proper posture of the body, shoulders and back and raised chin raise confidence and mood.
Happy Feet – If your feet hurt and your shoes tighten you will be nervous and depressed. Experts recommend comfortable footwear (not the most expensive in the world) and massage after a busy day. It is preferable to stretch the back of the wrist (which is too tight) to alternately wear flat shoes and heeled shoes.
A happy diet – eating a little food every three to four hours a day gives you a feeling of constant satiety and keeps your blood sugar stable. Use less white foods (sugar and white flour) as they cause a decline in energy and mood. Use carbohydrates (whole grains, healthy fats and proteins) preferably.
Enhance your self-confidence every day with small and harmless rituals:
1. Think of yourself positively and do not pay too much attention to anyone’s opinions about you. Every person is special with all their flaws and virtues and almost no one person can change another adult. It can influence her decisions or the realization of decisions through life.
2. Humans are social beings. Social networks are a great and practical way to keep in touch and spread friendships or make broken relationships. Face-to-face contact or socializing should in no way be neglected. We can always learn something new or learn by contacting people. Each person has a different life path and other experiences.
3. Nutrition – berries are rich in folic acid, which increases the levels of seratonin (a hormone necessary to fight stress and depression), nuts contain Omega-3 fatty acids that prevent depression, Brazil nut contains good selenium mineral, almond contains calcium which reduces anxiety.
4. Thinking at times fast-paced, thinking about certain events and positive things eliminates the negative mood.
5. Drink water frequently – dehydration causes lethargy and mood drop, water restores energy levels.
6. Do some exercises and breathe properly – just ten deep squats every day (anywhere at any time of the day) triggers metabolism and improves mood. Proper breathing provides a sense of calm and security. Proper breathing is important for burning fat in the body. Lay your hands on your stomach, close your eyes and inhale deeply, then let it out. You should feel the movements of your own stomach. Continue rhythmically breathing from the diaphragm until you feel complete calm. Try (especially in the morning) to be exposed as much as possible to daylight and to the relaxing and calming sun. Provides a sense of happiness.

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