Choosing permanent or semi-permanent makeup with the perfume according to the season

Permanent make-up is a type of semi-permanent tattoo done with tiny needles and pigments. They remain under the skin for several years. Sterile needles are used. The pigments used are laboratory tested. Thus, appropriate allergic reactions can be avoided. The whole treatment is painless. A type of local anesthesia is used to kill the part of the face being treated. Liquid anesthetic or skin-applied cream is used. Using a quality brush, the color you choose is applied to the skin. Then the client can make a decision as to whether that chosen color will be the color for permanent make-up. If the customer is satisfied, the paint is injected under the skin. This is how make-up becomes permanent. The shelf life is (say beauticians) up to five years. Over time, the color fades as the skin is constantly renewed. The length of time it also depends on the skin type, color chosen, and the rate at which the skin is regenerating in an individual. After permanent make-up treatment, strong sunshine for up to two weeks should be avoided.
With proper make-up, you should usually have the right perfume. Each person has a different skin type. The same perfume can smell differently on different people. It depends on the season, the mood of the person, and other factors. It is best to test the perfume on your own skin or blotter (the paper that the perfume retailer sprays the perfume on). The direct inhalation of perfume from the bottle opens high notes of composition and alcohol. The perfume should blend with the skin, which takes five to ten minutes (after application). It’s best to take a walk and let the perfume do its job on your skin. Mild concentrations of perfume should be used for the daily variant. In the cold period, strong notes should be used on the perfume because then the perfume is more firm on the skin. The most rewarding periods for using perfumes in the year are autumn and winter. During summer and spring, mild variants or toilet waters are best suited.

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