Impulsively Vs. compulsive spending (test)

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Experts believe that most people who are prone to uncontrolled shopping are struggling with some deeper emotional issues. It is true that shopping causes the release of good mood hormones. Worrying about money spent has a negative impact on health. That is why it is considered that there are compulsive and impulsive buyers. Compulsive shoppers buy things related to their image (clothing, make-up and fashion details). Impulsive shoppers are people who occasionally buy items they consider important. They are successful and well-organized people. In all, one should have and maintain a “golden mean”. So is it when it comes to shopping.
Take a small test to find out what emotional issues are behind your shopping habits:
1. You had a hard day. Feeling depressed. The thing that will improve your mood is …
a. Purchase of a new garment
b. Travel Planning
c. Relaxing bath
2. You need to buy new work clothes. Then you feel …
a. Excitement because you will spend money.
b. Concerns that you cannot bear the new expense
c. Resistance and stress because you don’t want to do it.
3. When buying …
a. Instinctive and spontaneous more than thoughtful
b. Always with a sense of mild guilt
c. Looking for the best option
4. When it comes to shopping in society …
a. They always call you to be a companion to other people
b. They ask you for shopping tips
c. They ask you for tips on saving money.
5. People sometimes criticize you …
a. Due to impulsiveness
b. Because of perfectionism
c. Because of innate concern
6. Plan on going out with the company. You probably choose …
a. Have a few drinks with acquaintances and friends
b. Dinner at a reasonably priced restaurant
c. Get out of town so you will only suggest going to a cafe for a drink
7. Suddenly you got more money …
a. You will pay off your debts first and estimate the other expenses.
b. You will save money for a big purchase soon
c. You will put your money into savings in the bank
If you have the most answers A: You tend to do impulsive shopping when you feel lonely and sad. Spending helps you fill the emotional void. Try to strengthen your self-esteem with some hobby, sports, write down on paper how you feel and what would help you in certain situations. You will soon see the positive effects on you. If you cannot solve your problems, seek the help of a psychotherapist.
Most Answer B: You occasionally buy items you think are important. These are successful and well-organized individuals who enjoy working and love to have control over the essential fields of life. Try to make shopping fun. Occasionally try not to set yourself and others high standards that are not easy to maintain. This is how you help yourself and others.
Most Answer C: This is a thrifty and thoughtful customer. This person is reasonable in everything with a stable financial situation. There should be no panic in these persons. You have an innate or inherited sense of managing yourself in all situations of life.

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