Favorite outdoor activities are of multiple use (for physical and mental health)

Expected benefit of walking: drink plenty of water during bright sunlight, wear comfortable shoes and use creams with a stronger protective factor. Walking at a fast pace when you are having a difficult time talking for half an hour provides the greatest health benefits. Walking relieves the effects of stress. It is an ideal way to relax. Frequent walks will provide the required dose of Vitamin D, which is crucial for maintaining bone health. Staying in nature will have a positive effect on your mood. Walking contributes to maintaining or losing weight, tightens muscles and improves the function of the cardio-vascular system. Experts advise changing the pace of walking while walking and distance. It is advisable to use different types of terrain (ascents, stairs, flat surfaces, or sand. Walking is especially desirable for people who have never exercised or are overweight.
The Expected Benefit of Going Gardening-gardening or on the balcony can burn a lot of calories. A great form of cardio exercise is, for example, 45 minutes of shoveling, raking, cutting grass with a power mower. If you are just sitting in the garden and watching your surroundings, you are relaxing and increasing your vitamin D. During the work in the garden or terrace, many muscles are activated. Use all the senses in the garden: sight, hearing, touch and smell. If you want to have your own small garden for therapeutic reasons, start modestly. Sow a few plants to start with (parsley, basil, oregano). Then add a few tomato or bulb seedlings. Flowers (tulips, daffodils and hyacinths) will be the true decoration of your garden or terrace. Gardening has psycho therapeutic benefits. There are even horticultural therapists. Staying in the garden or on the terrace slows the pulse, lowers blood pressure. Plants heal and relieve pain. Patients who have flowers in pots or windows or those whose window overlooks a grassy flower park have been shown to use less analgesics and recover faster from the disease. The same positive effect was confirmed in patients with depression and dementia. Higher brain activity and higher concentration levels.
Expected benefit of swimming: If you have not been swimming for a long time, always start slowly. Warm up with exercise before swimming. Know that it can be dehydrated in water. Drink enough water before and after the activity. Swimming is a rhythmic activity where movements are repeated but a great way to increase vitamin D in the body. It works soothing to many people. Swimming is an aerobic sport for the whole body. It tightens the muscles and strengthens the muscles, stimulates circulation, improves flexibility, burns calories and shapes the body. Activates all muscle groups in the body: shoulders, back, abdomen, legs, hips. Swimming is a medium intensity activity that makes it suitable for the elderly, people who have problems with their wrists and back. Ideal for all age groups as the range is wide-aquarobic, walking in the water, therapeutic massage and the like.
Expected benefit of riding – Most riding schools have a work plan tailored for students of different levels of fitness. Since this sport is quite expensive, check the competency of the instructor and select the entry level. Riding requires the safety, courage and good knowledge of horses. There is a dose of risk in this sport, so successfully overcoming all the challenges is a great incentive for self-reliance that you can apply later in your life. It is a physically demanding exercise and a great exercise for the muscles of the leg and central body. Horseback riding is an activity that requires rhythm, balance and endurance. Riding skills are mastered with the help of instructors from beginner to advanced level. Suitable sport for all generations.

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