Dance is a popular, effective and fun physical activity

Every person in the world can learn to dance regardless of fitness and physical fitness. Dancing is beneficial to all people regardless of age and level of fitness. It is a fun and aerobic activity to stretch the extremities and strengthen the central body. No special equipment is required for most dance classes. In the event that the equipment is needed (for a particular type of dance), it is best to do several training hours and decide if that type of dance is appropriate for the person. You do not need physical predisposition to engage in recreational dance. All students at the beginning of the dance course are equally ignorant and nervous. Over time, when uncertainty is overcome, dancing becomes a pleasure.
Dancing has survived throughout history thanks to the human need for happiness. By dancing, depressed people improve their mental states, reduce the stress hormone and make people more relaxed. Endorphin is a natural brain opiate that is activated by listening to music. Physical activity drives the transport of neuron-transmitters through the body. Dance combines these two positive effects. It is a great form of exercise for social contact with other people.
Spontaneous dance with a relaxed rhythm of music is liberating, helping to overcome insecurity and fear. One hour of dynamic dancing burns the same number of calories as one hour of jogging. Dancing reduces the risk of dementia by 76% and prevents depression.
Choose the dance that best suits your personality and goals that you want to achieve:
1. Standard dances are for people who love elegance and classics. Provocative cha-cha, energetic jive and elegant waltz increase physical endurance, improve heart function and strengthen the complete musculature of the body.
2. Zumba is for people who like to feel the atmosphere of fun. It is a combination of energetic Latin, African, Caribbean and salsa movements. It is the best method of burning calories because up to 600 calories are burned in one hour.
3. Street dance or hip-hop is for people who need more confidence. Although this style of dance is difficult to overcome, it is unquestionably very popular, fun and accessible to everyone. It is possible to join a group that independently performs bravura molds outdoors or enroll in a club. Once you have mastered the technique, you will feel more supple, stronger and more secure.
4. Salsa is for people who love a dynamic social life. Globally popular dance. Which increases the aerobic capacity of the lungs and heart. It is the perfect fat burner.
5. Belly dance is based on Eastern dance techniques and is the perfect form of exercise. You will master this dance quickly if you have wide hips.
Once you have mastered the basics of dancing, you can choose new dance skills courses.

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