Homeopathy and homeopathic treatment are becoming more popular in the world

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Homeopathy originates in the human psyche because almost 90% of all diseases are nerve-based. This alternative branch of medicine is gaining popularity over time. Homeopathy could be defined as a natural and complete treatment system that helps a person’s vital energy return to a healthy state. The homeopathic observes the symptoms as an expression of the struggle of the vital force with the disease (as a result of disturbed harmony within the whole person). The patient is treated in terms of strengthening him / her where the symptoms of the patient’s struggle with the disease are not attempted. German Doctor Samuel Christian Friedrich Hahnemman devised this method of treatment in the 18th century. The motto of his method is: He is treated similarly. This type of treatment has spread worldwide in a short time. It has become so popular. It ranks second (behind Chinese traditional medicine) in the popularity rankings.
The main point in homeopathy is to find what differentiates one person from another. Then find out what can help a certain person. For homeopathy, every new person is a whole new world to explore. Homeopathy restores man to his essence. Interviews with the patient take several hours where the patient often manages to discover their problem. The homeopath evaluates the type of personality the patient belongs to during the interview with the patient. In relation to an established homeopathic diagnosis, the patient is given a cure. Medicines are based on herbs, minerals and animal origin / extracts. Animal medicines are for people who are fast, agile, competitive in spirit, feel a little isolated from society and seem to be misunderstood by people. Herbal remedies are given to sensitive and gentle people who suppress feelings, love to be protected and whose greatest fear is loneliness.
One of the well-known remedies is “natmur” (based on sea salt), which is given to people who have long-term sadness, of a closed nature and generally do not share intimacy with other people.
Talk is paramount to establishing a diagnosis. The goal is to gain insight into the psyche of the patient. The homeopath tries to understand the whole set of personalities. Priority is given to the mental and emotional state (not the physical state of the person). It is important to emphasize that homeopathy does not negate classical medicine because it is desirable for the person to bring all findings from the doctor (at first visit to homeopaths).
Homeopathic remedies are divided into acute and constitutional. The constitutional remedy covers the whole person after the entire interview with the patient. Acute medications are given to overcome some physical problem. There are homeopathic first aid medications. Today, there is research proving the primacy of homeopathy in the treatment of allergies, psychosomatic disorders and auto-immune diseases. Homeopathic remedies are made in the form of drops and granules (put under the tongue) Homeopathic herbal remedies are not dangerous for people with a pollen or ambrosia allergy.

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