With simple rituals, remove cellulite and stimulate blood circulation

Soft Brush to Better Circulation – Plain shower brushes soften after wetting. Brushes with sharp hair can irritate the skin. Daily rubbing of the skin with a soft brush is important for proper maintenance of blood circulation, cleanliness and glow of the skin. The lymphatic system (through which the toxins are released from the tissue) does not work as well as the bloodstream causing harmful substances to easily accumulate. Especially between fat cells on the hips, thighs, stomach. At some point, these fat deposits push the fat cells upwards, causing them to break through the supporting fibrotic skin network and lead to cellulite formation. To stimulate the process of lymphatic drainage and to provide enough oxygen to penetrate the skin (for a healthy glow to the skin), start with a soft brush with a shower. From feet to upper body to heart and lymph nodes below armpits.
Hydrotherapy with a hot bath – if you have a bath in the bathroom after brushing your skin, make a hot bath. It is an ideal home spa treatment with water that will soothe you. Choose baths without alcohol. Dry skin and tightening is a sign that you are not using the right shower product. Stay in the water long enough until relaxed and the skin absorbs all the ingredients from the shower product.
Body peeling for regeneration-energetic peeling has long been considered ideal from dry skin problems to dyspigmentation. As your skin gets thinner, be careful when doing peeling so you don’t remove too many layers of skin. Ideally, you should do mild peeling every day. Then skip the ritual with dry skin brushing. For optimum results, experts recommend mechanical peeling (preparations with coarse and abrasive particles or brushes) and the use of products with active substances (fruit enzymes and hydroxyl acids). Most experts advise that peeling should be done after bathing / showering because it will then be easier to remove extinct skin cells.
Ouai Body Crème
Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream
Brazilian Bum Bum Cream
Deep Hydration – After dry brushing or peeling, the skin best absorbs moisturizing care products. Body oils (which are less frequent in consistency and contain small particles of active ingredients) are hydrated in deeper layers of the skin, making this effect last longer. Rub the oil immediately after showering or bathing while the body is still warm and relaxed.
Body Lotion-After Lotion It is advisable to apply body lotion to the skin, which allows moisture to be retained in deeper layers of the skin. Use lotions containing complex lipids (triglycerides) and humectants (glycerin, hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA). These substances are naturally present in the epidermis and play the role of hydrating factors. Antioxidants are important because they destroy free radicals that sample premature skin aging. Wipe the lotion or cream with massage movements that will stimulate circulation in the surface layer of the skin and refresh the appearance of the skin.

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