Lighting a candle is similar to the life cycle

For millennia we have lit candles or a wax stick on top. Electricity or modern technology have failed to push candle lit ceremonies on candlesticks – We light candles when we want to achieve an intimate atmosphere. In solemn moments, this ritual has a hypnotic-meditative effect. On the philosophical side, burning candles is most reminiscent of the life cycle. By burning candles on her rock, we convey the spark of a life that burns with intense flames. The flame becomes weaker until it is completely extinguished. Then, a sparkling, ethereal smoke bursts out of the candle. The remaining faint flame reminds us of the fragility of life. A candle can be extinguished by a faint breeze whenever it has the chance.
Candles can have various symbols. So it can be a symbol of unhappy love that burns out devouring itself. A candle can be a symbol of selfless giving. Buddha’s saying: We can light thousands of other candles with a candle so that it does not deprive her of life at all. Today, incandescent light bulbs are banned so the light is white and cool. Then the burning candle provides an indescribable feeling of warmth reminiscent of the sun. If we become aware of the speed at which the wax melts, then in this modern time the candle can serve to measure time relaxed. A candle can serve to make us feel romance and awaken our sleeping love.
The warmed natural wax spreads a pleasant scent. Candle holders are aesthetic candle extensions. Candlesticks have been a theme for many designers and craftsmen. They have reached modern designs through various interpretations. They are most popular with references to classicism, baroque and symbolism. Some candlesticks are futuristic or philosophical parables, while some candlesticks are made with a bright sense of humor. A candle is burdened with meaning. A candle with your home “candlestick” is not cheap sentimentality but an eternal reminder of life.
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