Express rapid rejuvenation treatments that deliver visible results in the short term

Express treatments at dermatologists or beauty salons or in your home help to get rid of underarms, acne or acne on the face or similar dermatological problems.
Strong care (serums, elixirs or concentrates) always provides fast, effective and direct assistance. This is one of the most effective preparations. The reason is the large amount of nutrients (multivitamin complexes, hyaluronic acids and wheat proteins) that act in a targeted way. They can be divided into three groups: anti-age, moisturizing serums and self-regulating serums. They are in the form of thick milky or translucent liquids. There are bio-effect creams (containing anti-oxidants, vitamins A, E and C). Their effect is more visible when combined with professional beauty treatments (Hydrafacial deep cleanses the face, refreshes and rejuvenates it). The treatment lasts for half an hour, it is mild and pleasant. The treatment produces abrasion (mechanical removal of extinct skin layers) that is dry and can irritate the skin. During treatment, serum with antioxidants moisturizes and rejuvenates and destroys bacteria. Vacuum cleans pores due to the effect of vacuum. There are Med Visage or Med Couture devices for quick and long term action. The treatments last about 45 minutes. They are based on 5 MHz ultrasonic technology upgraded with modulation that makes the ultrasonic wave powerful and efficient. The subcutis is heated to 42 degrees C, which promotes the metabolism of fibroblasts and other connective tissue cells. Due to better blood flow, more oxygen and nutrients flow into the treated area.
How to get rid of dark skin, acne, skin pimples and other irregularities
Unclean and tired complexion occurs as a result of alcohol, lack of sleep, or frequent residence in a smoky room. The best solution to this type of problem is to use skin peeling. It lasts longer than a classic wash. The beads mixed with water in gentle circular motions can be arranged on the skin. After peeling, the skin is tightened, the pores are clear and less visible, and the complexion is even. Peeling enhances the action of moisturizer and serum as impurities and dead cells will not interfere with the absorption of the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin.
You can do mechanical peeling in your home. Chemical peeling is done in beauty salons. There is surface chemical peeling, medium deep and deep chemical peeling. Surface chemical peeling lasts for 20 minutes (so-called lunchtime peeling). With wipes or bone, glycolic acid is applied in various concentrations (30 to 70%) and the type of alkali that acts as a catalyst.
Masks (especially clay based) are good skin cleansers. Moisturizing masks based on cucumber, aloe vera or pomegranate are good for moisturizing the skin. After holding them for about 20 minutes you get the freshness of your skin. It is a well-known mask based on “nim” (Latin azadirachta indica) – an Indian mask used as an antiseptic in Ayurvedic beauty treatments. The mask is obtained by mixing plant powder with water. It holds on to the face longer than a regular mask (one hour to two hours). Studies have found that it contains the alkaloids nimbin and nimbidine, which have potent antifungal and antioxidant properties.
How to get a fresh and radiant complexion on your face?
Decorative cosmetics are the means by which the fresh and radiant appearance of the skin is easily and quickly achieved. New generations of powders have pigments that apparently narrow the pores and reduce the visibility of wrinkles as the particles re-light. The so-called illuminators are related to powders with the same texture. They can be in solid (such as cheek blush) or liquid form. They give the face a pearly glow. They are brighter than concealer. They are placed on the face after a liquid base – under the eyebrows and along the entire nose – to allow the nose to visually stand and on the cheekbones to emphasize. When you mix the illuminator with a concealer, you can conceal your eyes. There are liquid pen-shaped illuminators.
Hyaluronic acid and green tea
Non-invasive treatments in beauty salons (Intraceuticals) comprehensively improve skin appearance. The secret is in a preparation based on hyaluronic acid, green tea, aloe vera, and vitamins A, C and E, which are placed in a small probe container and introduced into the skin via oxygen molecules. It is only half an hour for the probe to cycle around the face for the active ingredients to perform their function. The skin then regenerates.
When you are distressed, make a similar preparation over time in your home: crush a vitamin C tablet, add green tea and some cream containing hyaluronic acid.
Artdeco, Dior, Givenchy, Guerlain, L’Occitane, Apivita, Lierac, Sisley, Sensai, Caudalie, Elisabeth Arden, Filorga, Lancome, Estee Lauder

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