The perfect braid in your hair – an easy way to do it

A lot of moms, girls and girls want to have their hair tied up in a braid. . With a braid in the hair, many women feel beautiful and special. You can make this vintage hairstyle in your home. soft brush with natural fibers. Comb your hair from the tips towards the root to prevent hair loss.

Step 1 – Soak your hair in water to make your hair easier. Divide the hair in the middle into two or two pieces at the back.
Step 2 – Start knitting the braid from the front of your head, splitting it into three pieces
Step 3 – Go down and collect the hair below and place it in the middle. Keep knitting the knit like ever. Continue the process on the other side of the head by braiding down the entire length of the hair to the tips of the hair.
Step 4 – Tie both braids together. Tie them with an elastic band.
Step 5 – Simply twist your hair up to get a bun shape. Secure it with hairpins.

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