Made in Sweden (IKEA, Skype, H&M, ABBA, Foreo and many other famous names)

It all began in the mid-1970s with the ABBA band when the Swedes “opened the door” to pop culture. The ABBA group was followed by Roxette, Ace of Base, Neneh Cherry, Cardigans. Today, Stockholm is the cultural center of Scandinavia, dictating a trend in all walks of life. IKEA, H&M or Skype are just some of the symbols of modern Made in Sweden modern society.
Stockholm can be said to be European New York and an unavoidable inspiration. The Swedes are the largest exporters of music outside the English-speaking area. They are one of the most modern nations that establishes gender equality, simple and practical solutions in the field of design, environmental awareness, and emphasizes that it insists on a tolerant society where differences are welcome. In a country that prides itself on a “high standard of living”, the so-called “Swedish model” is what makes society most proud of it. Swedes are leaders when it comes to gender equality. Men and women use maternity leave (480 paid days, almost two years), which sends the message to new families that parents can have a family and a great career at the same time. Regardless of whether the kindergarten for children is a private or public price paid by parents, it is never more than 3% of their monthly income. The idea of ​​making kindergartens accessible to all has a practical application: as children develop and learn, their parents can work or study. Later, it is similar to a full-day stay with a maximum price of 2% of the parent’s salary / income.
College fees are paid through scholarships or credits. When it comes to health and social care, the sick pay employer pays 80% of the income (except for the first day). For more than two weeks of sick leave (leave of absence from work), Swedish Social Security pays a minor bonus. For months of absence, a regular, monthly cash allowance is obtained. Most young people (up to 40 years old) live unmarried in so-called “sambo relationships”. Swedes point out that they are relieved when it comes to sexuality.
With several thousand stores in the world, several thousand factories in the world with showbussines designers and personalities, H&M is certainly the most popular Swedish brand and popular lowcost brand. Hennes & Mauritz have their fanatic followers around the world. In 1948 they started selling wardrobe for women. Mauritz arrived in 1968 with Hennes. 1976 The first store in the UK was opened, bringing a fashion odyssey to this Scandinavian brand across Europe and the world. Since 2004, the practice of designing high fashion designs for H&M has begun. In addition to the H&M fashion manufactory, popular Swedish fashion brands are Acne, Nudie and DEM Colective (organic cotton). Everything is minimalistic and simple, unpretentious, gentle and beautiful. With the Made in Sweden label.
The popular name for the buffet style used everywhere is due to the fact that Sweden is a rich standard of living. This is where the symbolic name for a rich table, made up of a large number of dishes known as the buffet, comes from.
IKEA is one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers. It originated in 1931 when five-year-old Ingvar Kamprad started selling matches to his friends. In addition to matches, he began offering Christmas cards and decorations for later pencils. In 1940, the first IKEA Catalog was created to represent “furniture pieces” on the “do it yourself” principle. This is how the Swedish design came about, meaning clean lines, light-colored wood and the concept of “user-friendliness”. Everything is available (from the kitchen to the bathroom) for the whole family with a special passion for beauty and ease of making children’s furniture. With innovations and solutions that have made home and life jobs fun and easy. IKEA has thus set the standard in ecology, sustainable development and corporate responsibility. Swedish design has become synonymous with functionality.
Contact details
Inter IKEA Group
For questions regarding Inter IKEA Group:
Phone +46 476 64 85 00 for Inter IKEA Group in Sweden (switchboard)
Phone +31 15 215 3815 for Inter IKEA Group in The Netherlands (switchboard)
For media requests regarding Inter IKEA Group, the IKEA Concept and worldwide franchising:
Phone: +31 62 124 0618
For media requests regarding the IKEA product range and the IKEA supply chain:
Phone:+46 732 321300
IKEA Industry
For media questions regarding our manufacturing operations as well as purchasing raw materials:
Swedish Design Museum is not your typical museum – it has no physical collection. It’s a virtual museum with the purpose of making Swedish design accessible (online) and visible to people in all corners of the world.
Now we open our second exhibition. For a sneak peek into the Swedish way of living; visit The Home Viewing Exhibitions.
Swedish music connects to musical directions: pop and indie. ABBA established the Swedish music empire and achieved the most commercial success. Today, some other Swedish musicians enrich the world mainstream. Max Martin, a Swedish composer, celebrated the Gothenburg band Ace of Base in the 1990s. Katty Perry celebrated with notes of the single “I Kissed a Girl”. Lars Magnus Ericsson invented telephone equipment in 1800 and led Sweden into a new era of communication, believing that communication was fundamentally human in nature. Skype came to the world in 2003. Niklas Zennstrom invented free online video communication, confirming that planet Earth is small when people are so networked. Swedes and Scandinavians love new technologies. Even when hikers are running, they are “online” (always available). As many as 60% of the population stated that they perform some kind of physical activity on a daily basis. They are constantly online. Legal free downloading or downloading of music from the internet comes from Sweden. Spotify, while not essentially new, is rated as a silent music revolution because it offers a different way of downloading content from the global network for free.

Foreo Sweden

The gadget of the increasingly popular Swedish company Foreo is available online or in most cosmetic stores. In the daily routine during the winter day, use the Foreo UFO2 gadget whose ice lights give the skin a special kind of radiance and hydration in record time. Self-massage is also an essential part of the daily routine as it stimulates circulation. Beneficial ingredients from cosmetics are better absorbed by self-massage. A good effect for massaging the face and neck is given by the use of a hand massager made of semi-precious stones. They reduce swelling and, thanks to the effect of lymphatic drainage, they release the skin from toxins. Paraffin hand and foot masks hydrate and soften the skin of the hands, feet, cuticles and improve the condition of the skin. Face masks remove impurities while the skin is clean and refreshed. Combining the physical and emotional effects of massage with the healing properties of plant essences is the best way (for example with lavender, mint, bergamot, rose and lemon oils).

FOREO LUNA 3 is a device for cleansing and massaging the face and a real beauty revolution. Connected to the app and more powerful than ever, LUNA 3 is the first hi-tech facial cleanser to offer safe, hygienic and ultra gentle cleansing with a variety of firming massages. It is the perfect choice for simple, reliable and complete skin care and achieving a firm and radiant complexion.
If you want to enjoy spa moments every day that will give great results, opt for UFO 2. This advanced device gives an intense facial treatment in just 2 minutes. It perfectly combines UFO masks inspired by Korean skin care with the Swedish approach to the highest quality and dermatologically tested ingredients. Discover the beauty of innovation and enhance skin glow with UFO 2.
A new dimension of facial firming: BEAR combines microcurrent with the familiar T-Sonic pulsations in an elegant, safe and modern device. The latest addition to the FOREO skincare line is a great solution for daily firming and lifting of the skin of the face and neck in a simple and safe way. This is a small but powerful device.

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