5 books recommended (March 2020)

1.Meeting Miss Irby (by Joshua T. Irby)-first published in April 2012.
Two travelers from two different continents meet in Sarajevo every 150 years. Goidne 1855 wealthy twenty-four-year-old Englishwoman Adelina Paulina Irby left her London home to travel. She went in search of the meaning of her life, and had no idea she would find him in Sarajevo. In 1999, a 20-year-old leaves his home in the United States to live in the Balkans for a year. He had no idea that at the other end of the world he would find a person with his last name Irby and the meaning of his life.
2.Beautiful Darkness (by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl)- Ethan Wate used to think that nothing would ever change in Gatlin (a small southern village that had always been called home). Then he meets a mysterious, new girlfriend, Lena Duchannes, who has revealed to him the secret world that has always been hidden from his nose. Gatlin in which Lena’s family of powerful supernatural generations has been cursed. A Gatlin that has strange, magical events that will change his life. Sometimes life will end. After experiencing a tragic loss, Lena begins to break away and hide the secrets that their relationship puts to the test.
3.Indignation (novel) by Philip Roth- The year is 1951 in America. The Korean War has already begun. Hard-working, straight-laced young man from Newark (New Yersey) Marcus Messner is headed to Ohio for his sophomore year at Winesburg Conservative College. Why doesn’t Marcus study at a college in Newark that he previously enrolled in? Because his father appears to be a strict, hardworking local kosher butcher, he has gone mad with the anxieties about the dangers of the world, the dangers he sees on every corner that his dear son lurks as he grows up. How a distraught and upset mother tells her son’s fear comes from love and pride. It may be so, but anger is born in Marcus that he can no longer bear life with his parents.
4.Snow (by Orhan Pamuk)- With the first snow, Ka (the protagonist of the novel, a songwriter and self-proclaimed journalist) arrives in Kars. The poor city of amazingly rich history is shaken by unrest. In Kars lives Silk (Ka’s enthusiastic friend from a young age) Silk is just divorced and never forgotten. As Ka rushes towards Silk in a desperate search for love, the supernatural beauty of the city and the snow that keeps falling over it encourages him to write. Over the course of three days, Ka puts together a whole collection of songs. He is convinced that these songs come from somewhere, so he finds the strength to believe in Allah, in love and in the attainment of life’s happiness, after many years of hopelessness and loneliness.
5.KoolAids The Art of War (by Rabih Alameddine)-this book is a guide to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Diary of Anne Frank and the History of the World. The book is hysterical in both sense-cheerful and loudly disturbing. Where else does Krishnamurti meet Eleanor Roosevelt and Tom Cruise ?. Like Zen Koan, the Koolaids at the same time emphasize the absurdity of all truths. Considering the meaning of death at the same time redefines the meaninglessness of life. It looks at the great cycle of history, destiny and literature, initiates and rewrites them. This is an absolutely brilliant book-bold in its complete overturning of literary feats and allusions, the antidote to anyone suffering from nonsense and over-complacency.

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