Cosmetic products for visibly firmer skin

Q10 POWER INTENSIVE 20-DAY Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
the skin is visibly firmer
With the highest creatine concentration in the entire NIVEA Q10 Power line, a 20-day 2 ampoule treatment instantly restores a youthful glow and hydrates deeply!
Developed in collaboration with dermatologists 👩🏻 – skin and beauty professionals, the Liftactiv Collagen Specialist formula is much more than a classic anti-age cream. Drawing on the most advanced technological solutions 🔬, a day cream based on high-performance peptides and Vitamin Cg, acts as a mini dermatological treatment on the contours of the face. In addition to its regular use it visibly reduces wrinkles and evens the complexion, it has also been proven to improve skin tone and restore its natural elasticity. Combining type I peptide – a bio engineered skin fullness protein, anti-aging peptide type II and “all-antioxidant” antioxidant – vitamin Cg, this next-generation treatment acts as an activator of natural collagen, while combating pigmentation spots, uneven complexion and pronounced wrinkles .

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