25 February International Pancake Day

February 25 is celebrated as International Pancake Day.
Pancakes are a favorite main course or dessert for all people in the world. Some people prepare this seemingly simple meal mechanically and without measuring the ingredients, while other people accurately place all the food on the kitchen scale. Thicker or thin, salty or sweet, sprinkled with sugar or cinnamon, the fact is that pancakes are becoming a favorite dish around the world.
Basic pancake mix: 2 eggs, 150 g flour, 300 ml milk and some salt. If you have time, first add egg yolks then egg whites. Blend egg yolks with sugar. Prepare the mixture in the usual way. Finally, gently stir in the whipped egg whites. Pancakes prepared in this way will be extremely soft and fluffy (will not become tough on standing).
Pancake mix (approx 20 pieces)
• 250 g of smooth flour
• 300 ml of milk
• 200 ml of mineral or plain water
• 2 eggs
• 2 tablespoons sugar
• a bit of salt
• grated lemon zest
Whisk the eggs with a foam or electric mixer. Then add flour, milk and water alternately. Mix the mixture so that it all blends together well. Finally add salt and lemon peel.
Do not leave the pancake mixture to stand for a long time. The flour will absorb too much liquid on standing and the pancakes will not be as you imagined. You can start baking as soon as you prepare the mixture. If the mixture thickens with standing, add more liquids and the problem is solved.
Also, it is very important that you do not stir the mixture for too long. As soon as you combine all the ingredients, you can start baking pancakes.
To avoid sticking pancakes, get a quality Teflon or ceramic pancake pan! Bake pancakes in a well-heated pan pan with only a drop of oil (you can use butter instead of oil). After baking 2-3 pancakes, add some oil again.
Watch how much mixture you pour into the pan. The secret to delicious pancakes is in thickness (they should by no means be too thick).


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      Thank you very much for your funny and great comment. Yes, great dish we all really enjoy pancakes in all variations any time. Wishing you all the best.

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