Natural Handmade Cosmetics “Silvan” (Made in Croatia)

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Silvan is a Croatian cosmetic that blends culture, history and tradition with contemporary design. The high-quality skin care products are inspired by the prehistoric tribal art of the Illyrian people – whose god of wild nature, forests and pastures was called Silvan.
The Croatian Silvan brand is dedicated to sustainable development and a waste-free life. The packaging of each product is made of biodegradable paper incorporating meadow flower seeds.
BLACK & PURE – Tea tree essential oil combined with activated charcoal makes this soap ideal for face cleansing. Moisten the face with water and apply the soap in a circular motion over the entire surface of the face. The soap creates a greyish foam that is easily removed by water. The end result is a clean and smooth face. 60g
SEA NYMPH – Sea salt removes toxins from the skin while helping to absorb nutrients from jojoba oil, making this soap perfect for showering. When used, a rich foam is created and the scent of mandarin essential oil remains on the skin. 90g
MILK & HONEY – Soap is made from ingredients typical of the Dalmatian hinterland: a combination of goat’s milk and honey from honey makes the skin soft and moisturized, while the lavender essential oil is selected as a fragrant note. 40g

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