May March be International Women’s Month

“A woman is the only creature that can cry or laugh for the same reason, and often at the same time.”(Molier)
“A woman is helpless until her nail polish dries.”
Remember two things “A woman must always be elegant and fantastic.” (Coco Chanel)
To all women of the world, Happy March 8th – International Women’s Day
Love stories about strong women who passionately loved and lived at their discretion:
1. A Secret Letter (by Sebastian Barry)-a touching story of a woman whose life is marked by suffering and injustice and yet filled with love, passion and hope.
2. A Russian concubine (by Kate Furnivall)-a novel by which Kate Furnivall conquered the entire world. A wonderful story of loss and love, secrets and lies, and dangers and trials.
3. How To Climb Mount Blank in a Skirt (by Mick Conefrey)-The basis of this book is the experiences of the first Westerner to be allowed into the harem, the fears and triumphs of the first woman to cross the Atlantic, and numerous other brave women’s missions throughout history.
Women’s Day (March 8) will mark various events around the world to promote the rights of women, children, peace and tolerance.
#IWD2020 #EachforEqual
An equal world is an enabled world. How will you help forge a gender equal world?
Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.
History of complicated relationships with women and mothers:
In 44 BC, Cleopatra named (only formally) her son Ptolemy XV as co-ruler of Egypt in his third year.
In 431 BC, Euripides won the Third Prize at the Athens Medea Drama Festival. In the drama, Medea kills her three sons because of the infidelity of her husband, who abandoned her because of another woman.
1895 Oscar Wilde wrote: “All women become like their mothers. It’s their tragedy. No man becomes like his mother. It’s their tragedy. (Wilde’s mother was a recognized poet).
In 1909, a total of 46 countries around the world celebrated International Women’s Day.
1926 Coco Chanel designs a small black dress that is current today
1947 Anne Frank’s first diary book
1957 psychologist Harry Harlow offered two surrogate mothers / dolls (one doll made of wire, the other doll made of cloth) to rats with rhesus monkeys in an experiment he was doing at the time. The cubs clutched at the rag dolls whether they were getting food or not. The mother surrogate her mother’s wire surrogate only when there was food nearby.
1978 Christina Crawford (adopted daughter of actress Joan Crawford from Hollywood) suggests in her book, “Dearest Mom,” that she was adopted for publicity.
1983 Madonna launches a new era of sexual freedom with the release of the debut album Madonna
1984 First Oprah Winfrey TV Show aired
1998 The Sex and the City TV series first aired. Then the woman’s awareness of women’s awareness begins to this day.
1999 is the year when the acronym MILF was first used in the television comedy American Pie.
In 2001, 92% of middle-aged women stated that their relationship with their mothers was positive. 32% of women said they sought loving advice from their mothers. 95% of women say they would not break a love affair with a man simply because their mother disapproves of it.
2008 Omkari Panwar of India was 70 years old when she first gave birth, after artificial insemination. She gave birth to twins. In the same year, Hungarian researchers discovered that men were attracted to women who had a similar bone structure as their mothers.
The Women’s Information Network is organizing the largest Women’s Day celebration ever in major cities. The goal is to support women with one another. There will be a live stream organized for everyone in the rest of the world. The cities are Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Miami, New York, San Francisco, etc.
Women who have marked the last century today are current with their contributions and efforts to make the world a better and better future for generations to come.
Women Empowerment Program Berlin 2020
She is very important for us, so we have designed a suitable program for her. We have developed an integrated program to support women to move from a manager to a LEADER!
General Details
Women Initiatives Program is a 9 days program designed to support women who are active in their local communities, or those who run their own entrepreneurships, or looking to develop their ideas to implement their own initiatives or micro- business. Only 16 women will be selected to attend the program in Berlin, June 2020.
This program emphasizes on:
– Define and analysis the core problems/solutions that faces women in their local communities;
– Using design thinking approach to provide solutions to solve identified problems;
– Gain an empathic understanding and deeper personal understanding of the issues involved;
– Equip participants with the skills and techniques to be able to work with communities on Women Empowerment issues such as stimulate free/critical thinking on how to tackle complex problems.
General Information:
Time: June 2020
Deadline: 18.03.2020
Place: Berlin, Germany
Program aims to empower main skills:
• Empowering women to lead social or economic Programs.
• Enhance women’s skills in managing of micro-business or initiatives.
• Leadership management and soft skills.
• Increase mutual understanding of challenges that face women worldwide.
• Design solutions and plans for their projects back home.
• Inspiring Experiences and success stories sharing.
Main Activities are:
• Implementing different workshops regarding to :
• Creative thinking.
• Women Leadership v.s Management.
• Leading in changing communities.
• Technics to develop your program or initiative.
• Evening event, , Sharing experiences and success stories.
• A tour in Berlin including visits to women projects.
• Program including welcoming day and graduation day (drinks and food are offered)
Are you eligible?
• This program is offered in English.
• You are a woman, age is more than 25 years.
• Active in your local community
• You have an idea of a project that you want to develop or you run a program in your country and you are looking to gain advanced skills to improve.
• Ready to travel for 10 days
• All women’s applications from all regions are equally treated.
How to apply?
To submit your application, send your cv to: and indicate the program’s name in the subject.
Admission Details:
• After submitting your application, all eligible candidates will be contacted.
• After that an interview will take a place through Skype.
• One week later we will inform the participant with a final decision.
• Our team will be in a close contact with the selected participant to prepare them the program and support them with visa application.
The fees of this course are 1100 euros. Which include program fees; accommodation (shared room); local transportation in Berlin; airport pickup.
Do you need a VISA to enter Germany?
After submitting your application and passing the interview successfully, and finally, you are selected to join our program we will provide you with the necessary supported documents to support your visa application at the German Consulate (Diplomatic mission) in your country. After that you have to contact your consulate in your country to get an appointment to apply for Schengen visa. The German Consulate in your country will advise you of needed requirements.
More information

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