Promo: Bosnian Cooking Lessons in Sarajevo

In 2018, a married couple from Sarajevo, Mersiha and Mustafa Panjeta, created a concept called “Bosnian Cooking Lessons in Sarajevo”. This concept is a small cooking school designed for tourists and visitors or people who want to improve their cooking skills or learn some new culinary skills. It works individually or in groups of up to 20 people. Cooking classes are held at the home of a married couple in a homey atmosphere with beautiful panoramic views of the city. You can learn how to prepare some of the traditional dishes in this region (pies, filet peppers, donuts with various cheeses and more). Most vegetables are grown organically in the home garden of this married couple. In addition to food, cooked meals include wines, coffee, or homemade juice.
More information:
Mobile (+387) 61 199 920
FB. Bosnian cooking lessons in Sarajevo

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