Top 20 pieces of clothing, footwear and jewelry for women of all generations

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1. Massive jewelry or large pieces of variety are never always up-to-date. Big rings on the hand, massive necklaces, big earrings or striking bracelets at any time of day highlight the femininity and elegance of every woman at all times.
2. The so-called cubed or pepito pattern is constantly fashionable. It is a symbol of refinement and femininity. It exists in the spirit of modern times in all variants and relaxed street style editions.
3. The eternal white shirt is a fashion classic that never goes extinct. Strictly cut, minimalist or in XXL edition, it reminds of the ancient years of the past centuries. Brooches, large necklaces or badges are great accessories on any white shirt.
4. Men’s Wearing Clothing – Men’s hats, ties, suspenders, large and wide pants are an eternal inspiration and complement any women’s style of dress.
5. Artificial or artificial fur is a great replacement for original fur and is in line with the ideas of the Animal Welfare Society. A fur coat or scarf, a fur coat made of faux fur, gives the impression of luxury and extravagance. They are worn on special occasions throughout the day.
6. Images of animals on clothing items – Replay print shirt, Diesel cotton T-shirts, Miu Miu birds on elegant dresses, black panthers on Tisci clothing pieces are just some examples of this type of clothing.
7. Jeans in XXL variants – larger numbers shirts, jeans pants, jackets, dresses or skirts are a great choice for business meetings, casual casual looks, evening outings or any other occasion. Jeans is the universal fashion phenomenon of all time. Perfectly suited to women, men and children. Jeans are a good choice with a silk shirt or a plain T-shirt cotton blouse.
8. Autumn colors on clothing pieces – some people say that autumn is always gloomy, monotonous, colorless or monochromatic. However, various browns or greens, gray in all shades brings vibrancy and joy and soothes us.
9. Knitted garments – knitting is always IN. Knitwear is comfortable, practical and simple.
10. 1940 was a glamorous year when a woman’s feminine silhouette was heavily emphasized. Gucci, Miucci Prada, Donna Karan, Italian Fashion Designer Frida Giannini are fashion designers whose models you can see in this fashion show. Beautifully tailored coats and jackets, sophisticated dresses or so-called pencil skirts are just some of the clothing items of this time period.
11. Eternal jumpsuit is a simple, practical garment. There are no strict rules but it is important to be comfortable with plenty of sewn pockets.
12. Fashion accessories of lacquer or PVC can be striking. Here the imagination knows no bounds.
13. XXL bags that can fit all the little things from keys to laptops and other essentials for everyday life. They can be used for short trips or excursions.
14. Festive garment – There should be at least one festive garment in the closet suitable for special events (weddings, festivities, birthdays, special occasions).
15. Colorful checkered pattern (tartan) on garments – hats or hats with colorful checkered pattern or scarves are a great choice for all seasons.Any alternative to evening dresses – can be a tuxedo that you can use in a softer version with a silk shirt decorated with a bow or a strict variant with a bow tie or a bow tie.
17. All colors and shades of gemstones-delicate blue shades, emerald green, red rubies. Blue turquoise or aquamarine are just some of the desirable colors for all seasons.
18. Reptiles on Garments – Some people consider the reptile pattern to be a symbol of ultimate luxury. Fashion imitations, replicas of various lizards, snakes and other reptiles sometimes bring joy and joy.
19. Organic Leather Clothing and Footwear – Everlasting In. These are long lasting items that are easy to maintain. You need plain water and a piece of cotton cloth to clean.
20. The 1960s and 1970s, and those of the last century, are also always up-to-date with their structured, austere appearance. The slightly shorter sleeves on shirts or dresses, hats and knee-high boots were inspired by the famous women Twiggy and Mary Quant. You can always find clothes and shoes from these times in second hand shops or flea markets.

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