Indonesia is a paradise for all coffee lovers

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Indonesia is one of the leading coffee growers in the world in the number of unique and delicious coffee varieties. Coffee from Indonesia has spread to the Arab world, to the Americas, Western Europe and beyond from this easternmost side of the Old World.
The specialty coffee industry is created on the basis of uniqueness. It starts with selecting the type of coffee and the location of the tree growing. He continues through the harvesting, roasting of coffee beans, and coffee-making skills. The specialty coffee industry includes those people and companies who have dedicated their lives to quality coffee.
Coffee types in Indonesia
In general, specialty coffee in Indonesia has a full body and relatively low acidity. Each region is known for its typical cupping profile, although there is great diversity within the regions. The Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia lists the following features:
Sumatra – intense flavor, with aromas of cocoa, earth and tobacco
• Java – good, strong body, with a long-lasting taste and herbal aromas
• Bali – sweeter than other Indonesian coffees, with aromas of nuts and citrus
• Sulawesi – good sweetness and body, with spicy aromas
• Flores – strong body, sweetness, chocolate and tobacco aromas
• Papua – strong body, chocolate, earthy and spicy aromas
Did you know?
• Indonesia is the 4th largest coffee producer in the world.
• It is also the 2nd largest exporter of specialty coffee in the world.
• It produces 10.6 million bags of coffee a year.
• 90% of coffee in Indonesia is grown on small farms of one hectare.
• 25% arabic and 75% robusta are produced.
• Indonesian coffee exports are growing at an average of 25% each year compared to last year, which is evidence of worldwide demand for Indonesian coffee.
• Coffee has been grown in Indonesia since the 17th century.
• Third in the world to grow coffee after Ethiopia and Arabia.
• In 1717, the first coffee export from Indonesia to Europe.


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