What to read in March: literary recommendations

1. A Wild Sheep Chase (by Haruki Murakami)-his life is like a nightmare that constantly haunts him. A train that is not going anywhere. Yet ordinary life can become extraordinary. First, add the girl whose ears are so lovely that when they are discovered they make every physical contact with him much better. Add a runaway friend who is a right-wing politician and a sheep-obsessed professor. Then add a manic depressant dressed in sheepskin. Put them all together in the hunt for a sheep that may rule the world. You will receive a book that is truly a masterpiece of literature.
2. Wolf Hall (by Hilary Mantel)- mixing history and fiction, author Mantel evokes the spirit of time in the reign of Henry I VIII (1491-1547). Cathreine Aragonsky, Boleyn’s sisters, King’s associate Thomas Moore who later becomes his opponent, takes the stage. Against the backdrop of what would ultimately lead to the secession of the Church of England from Catholicism and the founding of an independent Anglican Church, one craftsman son (from the lower class) grows up to be one of the King’s best associates and advisers – Thomas Cromwell. Cromwell is assigned the role of chronicler of history in this novel.
3. Breathing Swing (by Herta Müller)- “In January 1945 the war was still going on. It was 3am on the night of January 15, 1945 when a patrol came for me. It was getting colder — 15 degrees C. “This is how Leopold Augberg starts his deportation report to camp. All Germans living in Romania, men and women of seventeen to forty-five, were deported to Soviet labor camps for forced labor. Narrating the life story of a young man, Herta Müller describes the fate of the German population in Transylvania. She collected the material she turned into this novel through interviews with the poet Oscar Shepherd and other people who survived the persecution of Romanian Germans in the Soviet Union during the reign of Josef Stalin.
4. Let the Great World Spin (by Colum McCan)- New York, August 1974. A man appears on the horizon as he walks high in the air between the newly built “twin towers”. Below him, according to the inevitable meeting point, are the destinies of people who are completely unknown to one another. Corrigan is a radical Irish monk living in the Bronx, Claire is a fragile Upper East Side housewife (mourning the death of her son), Lare is a young drug-addicted artist, Gloria is stubborn and proud despite decades of adversity, Tillia is a street girl who once dreamed of a better life, and Jazzlyn her beautiful daughter raised on hopes as tall as the skyscrapers of New York. In the shadow of one thoughtless and beautiful act, these disconnected lives will collide and change forever.
5. Beautiful Creatures (by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl)- life in Gatlin County took place without surprise. It turns out that people made more mistakes than they could have guessed. “Because it was a curse. She was a girl. In the end, it was a grave. ”Lena Duschannes is different from all the people who once lived in the small southern town of Gatlin. Lenna works hard to hide her extraordinary powers and the curse that has been following her family for generations. The secrets cannot be hidden forever even in a city with dark swamps, many abandoned gardens and dilapidated and neglected southern cemeteries. A beautiful and unknown dream girl chases Ethan Wate. When Lena moves to the oldest and most infamous plantation in town, she begins to inexplicably attract Ethan.

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