Tips and Tricks for a good shopping in Sarajevo

Over the years the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina became an extraordinary shopping destination in Europe and beyond. Many new shops that sell unusual and traditional products open almost on a monthly basis.
Here are just some of them that sell unique and mostly handy crafted products:
1.The GlamWood brand from Bosnia and Herzegovina is recognized worldwide for its unique wooden handbags, ties and other fashion accessories. The company “Alibeg” and its owner Addis Alihodzic are the originators of the GlamWood brand. The wooden bags made by this company are lightweight, of excellent design and suitable for various occasions and tastes.
You can view GlamWood products on Instagram and Facebook.
Contact phone number: (+387) 61 77 01 00.
2.The concept store and webshop Bazerdzan from Sarajevo (Made in Bosnia and Herzegovina)
The concept store Bazerdzan is located in the heart of the old town of Bascarsija in Sarajevo. The shop is owned by economist and information technology engineer Zane Karkin. It spreads over 40 square meters. The fashion trends that the owner creates are based on traditional values. The owner brings together artists, craftsmen from Baščaršija and beyond, and product designers. They all create recognizable products of Bosnian cultural heritage, but in a modern way (for example, wool slippers, oversized knitted scarves, wool hats, etc.). This shop has become a place where I can buy the most beautiful indigenous products at prices from 1 to 25o Euros. The shop has its own webshop.
These products talk a lot about the creative new generation that is becoming more and more popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina and around the world.
Welcome to the world of Bazerdžan, a concept store with a unique perspective on today’s fashion by combining domestic art with local traditional and cultural heritage.
Bazerdzan Concept Store
Address: Ćurčiluk veliki 12, 71 000 Sarajevo
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Tel (387) 61 355 593
3.Bosnian Kingdom Shop Sarajevo
In Bosnian Kingdom Shop you will find unique and modern shirts, sweatshirts, and other garments with prints and motifs of the Bosnian Kingdom and important symbols from the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Address: Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 27
4.Gazzda Company
Gazzda company create products that help build awesome living and leisure spaces. Where you can flourish, dream and simply – come home.

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