Loss of pounds and cellulite in times of economic crisis (at minimal cost): eat vegetables and fruits beginning with the letter “A”

2017-05-13 13.08.34
Many people have excess weight and lack of money for expensive treatments, medications, medications, or a gym stay to reduce body weight. However, there are ways to lose weight and get rid of cellulite, or “orange peel” on your body in times of economic crisis with minimal financial costs.
Consume fruits and vegetables that start with the letter “A”: although strange, most fruits and vegetables that start with the letter A (apple, avocado, artichoke) sound fantastic for reducing weight and disappearing cellulite. These fruits and vegetables protect the body from harmful toxins and help smooth out skin irregularities.
Reduce salt intake: A fast food diet contains high amounts of salt, which results in fluid retention and emphasizes cellulite and even the slightest unevenness in the skin. Fresh food is cheaper than shopping / fast food.
Consume Coffee in Granules: To get rid of cellulite, use instant coffee that is applied to the body. Simply rub the coffee beans in the granules on the flanks and back of the body, which also helps the circulation. This is a proven recipe of the fashion industry.
Consume Green Tea: Decaffeinated green tea instead of black tea or coffee as experts say caffeine-produced toxins are retained in fat cells.
Consume Spinach: In leafy green vegetables, lecithin is found to help renew cell membranes in the skin and reduce cellulite (skin smoothing on the body).
Reduce alcohol intake: Alcohol increases the fat content of the bloodstream, slows down circulation and puts additional strain on the excretory system.
Consume berries: All types of berries, legumes and cereals quickly give you a feeling of satiety. They contain large amounts of fiber, vitamins and minerals. They release the body from toxins and dead cells.
Tip plus. Just 20 minutes of exercise per day (or hike) helps to tighten your stomach and legs and get rid of extra inches at your waist / or hips. You can improve your body’s circulation with a dry hair brush. Start from the foot towards the neck towards the heart. Then exfoliate the body in combination with a moisturizer.


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