Facial skin is alive with the processes of growth, development and aging

Collagen and elastic fibers give the skin of the face and neck flexibility and elasticity. Aging, or the passage of time, leads to a decrease in collagen and elastic fibers in the skin epidermis. The skin loses its tonality and wrinkles occur. The secret of radiant skin is hidden in a healthy and youthful appearance. Such appearance is achieved by safe aesthetic procedures and careful individual approach of physicians to each patient (user of these services). All over the world, aesthetic dermatologists are appealing to their patients to keep an eye on the garden and the amount of substance they apply on their face and neck and listen to the advice of their dermatologists. They say that every person’s ideal look is a healthy and fresh look. If the approach is professional and responsible the skin should shine at every stage of life. The best choice is a combination of procedures that will help your skin restore its natural tone and freshness. The so-called V-lift is an ideal procedure that corrects changes over the life span of 45-60 years. This is a non-surgical skin tightening procedure called V-shape. The V-shape is obtained by drawing lines from the tip of the chin towards the outer corners of the eyes. This form is specific to younger people. The treatment is a combination of several procedures that include: baby botox, dermal fillers, chemical peeling and Growth factor. This procedure affects the entire face. It improves the quality of skin texture and skin tone.
Skin Peeling – Each anti-age treatment begins with a quality and carefully selected chemical peeling that allows the skin to regain its youth. The complexion is airy and light in color. It eliminates the pigmentary changes characteristic of older life. The products that penetrate deeper penetrate the skin and give better results. Peeling choices are conditioned and tailored to your skin type and degree. Chemical peels should be done at least once a month to ensure that the products applied to the skin have full effect daily.
Baby Botox-baby Botox and procedure came about through film production. Director Martin Scorsease celebrated baby Botox. This American director asked his hired actors to show facial expression by evoking emotions when making films. This is how a treatment is designed to inject botulinum toxin into the skin in small doses. Baby Botox preserves facial expression and preserves health because the treated muscle is mobile and functional. This procedure means applying specific doses of bot ox to carefully selected sites on the face. Facial motility (mimicry) is retained. The face is neither stiff nor frozen. The “laughing” and “frowning” wrinkles and soften. Results last from up to 6 months. Then the procedure can be repeated. Regular arrival for treatment increases the durability of the results (with standard Botox).
The filler-fourth and fifth decade of life (pronounced wrinkles on the face and relaxed facial skin) is an ideal age to restore youthful glow and complexion. This non-surgical method is extremely effective if performed expertly and carefully. It results in fantastic results not obtained by other methods. The line of natural and delicate fillers highlights the natural possibilities of face skin. This technology delivers pleasurable and completely painless treatments. Effective spillage occurs inside the facial skin without the appearance of thickening and loss of sensitivity (at sites where the method is applied).
The so-called Growth factor — by removing the surface layer of skin — allows younger skin to emerge. Then the tone and the only thing that is achieved by the Growth factor application should be strengthened. This method of skin regeneration and revitalization permanently improves the quality of the skin as a whole. This is a cellular protein involved in certain natural mechanisms of skin regeneration. This protein affects the enhanced synthesis of collagen and elastin, restores the microwave network, accelerates wound healing and synthesis of hyaluronic acid (which hydrates the skin). This protein rejuvenates and regenerates overall facial skin. The growth factor already exists as an integral part of the skin. The process of aging decreases the concentration of Growth factors and the regenerative capacity of the skin. To stimulate the natural regeneration potential, it is necessary to add a Growth factor, restore the skin’s natural freshness and improve skin tone. The skin should be stimulated so that the Growth factor can penetrate it. The tiny needles of the roller pull over the skin, opening up innumerable channels (through which the Growth factor penetrates properly and non-aggressively). The growth factor is applied over those parts of the skin that are treated after minimally unpleasant stimulation.

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