The so-called Retro Fashion Trend is always up-to-date

A makeup consisting of a bright red lipstick, bronze complexion, vibrant eye mascara, black dress pieces of clothing and footwear symbolizes the 1970s. The retro trend is a popular name used by fashion connoisseurs and all the people involved in all forms of fashion business.
Over time, red lipstick has become a jewel of beauty as it suits women of all generations. It’s always popular. The trick of red lipstick is to choose the right shade for yourself. If you have a delicate pink complexion, then red lipstick that leaves a slightly purple color will suit you. If you have pale complexion, warmer red shades will suit you. For people with dark or olive skin, pink-red and orange-red lipsticks are appropriate. The classic red lipstick color is suitable for people with all skin complexions.
Made in Italy
Made in Japan

We know that the sun is harmful so many women are more inclined to use face bronzers. This can keep the complexion on the face longer. Shiny and transparent bronzers are in demand in the market.
Although colorful eye masks were the most popular in the so-called disco era, this fashion accessory is used by younger and older women.
A yellow nail polish with a yellow fashion detail will be a great choice for spring and summer.
Smokey eyes give a mysterious note to your look. Use black or dark gray (eyeliner and eye shadow) to achieve this effect.

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