Stress is the cause of most panic fears

Most fears are first and foremost faced by women around the world today. One of the biggest causes of panic fears is stress. However, it is irrefutable that no human being is immune to some form of fear. So people who act confidently have their weaknesses. Some people are afraid of thunder, lightning in the sky or other weather (keranophobia), strong winds or storms. We all know that impurity can be the cause of many infectious diseases and infections. There are people obsessed with hygiene who never use public restrooms and always want to disinfect everything. According to the scientific vocabulary, these people suffer from misophobia (fear of dust). One of the bizarre fears in humans is xantophobia or the fear of yellow. Yellow may be striking, but it does not justify the appearance of fear as a reaction. One of the well-known fears is claustrophobia, ie the fear of closed and confined space. Elevators, tunnels, small rooms are not suitable for people with claustrophobia. Fear of open space or agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that more commonly attacks women in early adulthood. Today, the name Agoraphobia includes a set of all fears (60%) revealed by clinical examinations.
The conclusion is that women are more susceptible to fears of all forms than men.The reason is that women’s sex hormones are subject to frequent fluctuations that can cause behavioral instability. This health problem occurs in a large number of people. It covers fears of a wide variety of objects and phenomena. (Giampaolo Perna, Italian psychiatrist and author of Phobia). There are several other unusual fears such as the fear of bugs, snow, numbers, dolls and the like. Some fears are understood as fears of the appearance of wrinkles (ritiphobia), while some fears are completely absurd as fears of clothing and buttons. The human mind is capable of creating many enemies. The internet is the simplest way to find out more about fears and how to treat them. One such website is
Where many fears are listed, different treatment techniques. The solution to a lot of fears, however, was given by experts in one sentence, “Face what scares a person.”
Fears can negatively affect an individual’s life. The typical reaction is to run away or avoid contact with what scares us. “If psychic interference and phobiebecome chronic additions to a state of continuous stress. Then the body releases cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that can be toxic in large quantities. It can damage brain regions associated with memory and learning, ”says Italian psychiatrist and author Perna in his book.
The most common fears of lightning, snakes, or heights have innate roots and follow us thousands of years back. Other fears arise from the experience we gain through life. “The human mind recognizes what suits it and what harms it. It is selective and tends to distance itself from what we perceive as a hazard. In this way, any negative experience experienced may cause an unrealistic phobia. ”
It is scientifically proven that the fear center is located in the brain (the amygdala – the brain region associated with emotions). However, eliminating the “alarm bell” would be a mistake, given that fear is important in defending against hidden dangers. It is because of fear that human beings have survived in the ancient past, defending themselves against bloodthirsty beasts. This is true today. The proof is the story of “A Woman Without Fear” published in a scientific journal. It was named because she had never felt this emotion. Her brain lacks the amygdala. Scientists are amazed that she is alive at all, given that she cannot learn from her mistakes and cannot predict that someone (or something) might cause her pain. This story is an exception. Normal people have other problems. Carlo Strenger of Israeli University of Tel Aviv has published the book The Fear of Insignificance. The research lasted ten years. A large number of people have been shown to suffer from a lack of self-esteem. They tend to constantly compare themselves to other people. Dr. Kristina Hoffberg of the University of Birmigham is engaged by studying women who have a fear of childbirth (Tokophobia). Many women in the world are afraid to eat not because they fear overweight but have a fear of suffocation and obsessively watch what they put in their mouths. This phobia should not be confused with anorexia in which there is a completely altered perception of self. The question is how is it possible to get out of the vicious circle of fear? In order to choose the appropriate treatment method, it is necessary to determine whether it is normal fear or pathological phobia. Anxiety and fear often manifest together. Although not the same thing, the common trait is that they affect mostly women. Women today are repeatedly exposed to fears. They should be mothers, housewives, wives and successful people with enviable careers. Dr Perna claims that coping with a situation that scares a person is the first step in treating fears. This step should be done realistically and gradually. Of course fear will be present for a long time, but you should not give up until it calms down. Thanks to the development of modern technology, more drugs are being tested that can stop panic fears. After passing the experimental part, the drugs go on sale. There is also a virtual reality method that reproduces the appropriate fear-inducing environment. This is where the patient becomes accustomed to and exercises his or her fear and techniques to overcome it. This method has been used for a long time in the treatment of fear of flying. For example, in the case of claustrophobia the environment is created Metro Stations. The closer the virtual environment is to the real, the more successful the therapy will be.


  1. This is certainly the right time to understand a little better how fear works, at a time when humanity is facing a difficult situation. Fear alerts us to danger but diminishes our defence capabilities. A better understanding of how we function may allow us to influence our natural reactions. Thank you again for this post.

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    • Dear Lookoom,

      Yes, you are absolutely right. All written is so true. You are very welcome. Wishing you all the best.

      My sincere regards,



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